10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Likes To Fix People

She believes in your abilities to be a better person.

It is common knowledge that the world is composed of many different kinds of people. It also serves true that everyone will be attracted to different types of people and that there is no universal measurement for attractiveness.

We are all drawn to all sorts of personalities and looks. We all have our own personal preferences as to the type of people we want to date and have relationships with. What works for other kinds of relationships may not work for your own and that’s okay.

This article is dedicated for the guys who are curious about a certain type of girl. This is for the guys who want to know more about girls who like to fix their men. Some men are too proud and aren’t welcoming of any criticism. This type of girl probably isn’t for you.

However, if you’re the type of guy who doesn’t mind having a girl criticize him every now and then to become a better person, then this post is definitely for you. Try and read further on and find out why you should probably date a girl who likes to fix people.

1. She’s persistent and hardworking.

Relationships will require a lot of work and when you’re dating a person who likes to fix things, then you know she’s hardworking and resilient. She will always try her best to make your relationship work in the best way possible. She won’t mind any bumps in the road because she understands that it’s part of the package.

2. She believes in your abilities to be a better person.

She sees something special in you and she will work tirelessly to bring it out of you. She only wants you to become the best possible version of yourself and she always sees the good in whatever you do. She thinks so highly of you and the person that you can become if you just put in the effort. – Continue reading on the next page

3. She’s always trying to fix herself in the process as well.

If she’s trying to fix you, then she’s also humble enough to acknowledge that she also needs fixing herself. She will ask for your opinion constantly because she wants to always be better. She wants to make you happy in the best way possible and the only way to do that is for her to always improve as a person and as a girlfriend.

4. She always hopes for the best.

She’s idealistic and hopeful. She always brings an air of positivity in your relationship. If you’re always drawn to the negative aspects of life, then she’s going to balance you out perfectly. She always maintains a positive aura and it’s infectious to the people around her.

5. She will try her best to fill in any gaps in your life.

She knows that you are an incomplete and broken man. She understands that you are an imperfect person and she will try her best to serve as the missing pieces to your puzzles. She wants to make up for any insecurities that you may have about who you are. She will be your rock when you need a platform to stand on.

6. She won’t get deterred when you start being the worst possible version of yourself.

If you do start exhibiting your worst traits, it won’t turn her off one bit. She expects your worst possible version to come out every once in a while and she’s ready for it. She’s ready to work with you to fix your weaknesses and that means she can stick it out even during the worst of times.В – Continue reading on the next page

7. She appreciates your flaws.

She knows that you are a very flawed human being who is prone to many errors and imperfections. She doesn’t care. She knew that going in and she loves that about you. She loves that you allow yourself to be human and that you accept your vulnerabilities.

8. She’s very patient.

If she’s patient enough to work with you, then she’s patient enough to work on your relationship as well. You’ll be dating a girl who will willingly stand by you in good times and in bad. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to fix yourself, she’ll be there to pick you up whenever you find yourself stumbling.

9. She humanizes you.

She doesn’t see you as some idol or god that embodies unreasonable levels of perfection. She knows that you’re a human and she doesn’t expect you to always be perfect. She allows you to make your mistakes and she relieves any pressure off of you to always be on your best behavior. She knows you will have your pitfalls every so often and she’s fine with it.

10. She has an empathetic heart and a soft-spot for humanity.

She understands your vulnerabilities and she’ll always be open to you about it. She is always emotionally intelligent and she’s always conscious of how other people are feeling at any given moment. She sees the world as a place that can be made perfect by all of us recognizing our own imperfections.

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