10 Reasons Women Still Stay With Men Who Treat Them Badly

1. She believes that she is deserving of terrible treatment.


Sometimes, a woman can be so guilty about something that she has done in the past that she feels like she is deserving of terrible treatment by other men. Sometimes, a woman can feel like she isn’t doing enough in a relationship and that’s why her man has every right to be treating her badly. However, that kind of mindset can be very unhealthy for any relationship dynamic. No one ever deserves to be treated terribly in any kind of romantic relationship.

2. She thinks that everything is her fault in the relationship.

She thinks that everything that goes wrong in the relationship is her fault and that’s why it’s okay for her that he treats her so badly. She thinks that all the bad things in the romance are a result of her actions, choices, and decisions.

3. She thinks she won’t be able to find someone better.

This girl is different. She KNOWS that she is being treated badly. She has enough self-awareness to know that she doesn’t deserve to be treated so terribly by someone she loves. But she won’t want to leave him because she’s not too sure if she’s going to find anyone better than him. She’s scared that if she gets into a relationship with another guy, he’s not going to treat her as well as the one she’s with now. And that’s why she tries to endure his terrible treatment.

4. She believes that her love can still change him.

She is an optimist. She always remains hopeful and she genuinely believes in the power of love. She really thinks that love has the power to change people. She knows that her man is rough and terrible. She knows that her man really needs some work. But she clings to the hope that the idea of loving her man would be enough to inspire and motivate him to be a better person.

5. She lets her love blind her to the bad treatment.

She is just completely blind to the bad things. She thinks that everything is okay. Why? Because of her love. She loves him too much to see his bad side. She loves him too much to see his terrible ways and tactics. She loves him too much to acknowledge the fact that he’s just bad for her.

6. She mistakes being used for being loved.

She is a natural nurturer. She is the kind of girl who always likes to be caring for those who are closest to her heart. She is always thinking of taking care of the people she loves. And she thinks that when people are accepting of her love, she is being loved in return. However, that isn’t always going to be the case. A lot of times, she’s just going to be used for what she can offer. And she isn’t really being loved in return.

7. She doesn’t KNOW that she’s being treated badly because of worse experiences in the past.

She has been used and abused so many times in so many worse ways in the past. And so that’s why when she’s in a better relationship; a relationship where she isn’t as maltreated as before, she thinks it’s a good thing. But the truth is that she’s still in a terrible relationship. She’s still in an abusive and toxic relationship environment. She just thinks that it’s okay because it’s a lot better than what she has been used to.

8. She is desperate for love even if it hurts her.

She just wants to be in a loving relationship even though it’s really hurting her on the inside. However, what she doesn’t know is that true love – the kind that lasts – doesn’t really hurt. But she can’t tell the difference. Her desperation has practically blinded her. Her desperation for love has deluded her into thinking that everything is tolerable and okay.

9. She is too afraid of being alone.

Sometimes, a woman can just be really dependent on a man that she’s in a relationship with even if he abuses her and makes her unhappy. Perhaps she just relies on him for the financial stability that she gives him. Or maybe she just feels like she would never be able to make it alone in the world. Even if being in a relationship makes her uncomfortable, it makes her more uncomfortable to be single.

10. She ties her sense of self-worth to her man.

She just might be the kind of girl who feels absolutely worthless whenever she isn’t in a relationship with a guy. She might think that the whole world is going to judge her for being single. She’s afraid that the whole world is going to think that she’s unlovable just because she can’t seem to put herself into a relationship. That’s why she clings to a relationship that makes her unhappy – she is too scared of what people will say when she gets out of it.


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