10 Reasons You Should Be The One To Say ‘I Love You’ First In The Relationship

Saying “I love you” can be quite the challenge.

A lot of us never want to be the one who becomes vulnerable first in the relationship. And for good reason too. It’s just downright frightening being the first person to say those three magical words in a relationship. It’s frightening because once you let those words slip from your mouth, you can never get them back. You automatically lose control of the situation and you put the ball in their court. You have freely expressed yourself in an honest and open manner, and the only thing left for you to do now is hope that they feel the same way. It’s frightening. It’s like jumping out of an airplane and you’re not sure if the parachute is going to open or not.

But that’s what love is really supposed to be about. It should be two people willing to take a chance on one another. It should be two people who are ready to place their bets in each other even when it’s terrifying to do so. Love is always going to be a risk and so you might as well be the one who gets things over with. Regardless of whether you are the man or the woman in the relationship, you shouldn’t be afraid of being the one who says I love you first. Gender has nothing to do with it at all. Men don’t always have to be the first ones to put their guards down. And women don’t always have to be passive about it. If you think that you genuinely love a person, then you should probably let that person know. Don’t be afraid about who comes first because all that’s really important is the legitimacy of how you feel. If you need some more pushing, here are 10 reasons you should definitely be the one who says I love you first in the relationship.

1. Because there is too much hate and not enough love on mainstream media.

Don’t add to the already dominant news cycles that are filled with hate in this world. Spread the kindness and be an enforcer of love. Who cares if you feel vulnerable about it? There is always strength in love.

2. Because it signifies empowerment and confidence in the self.

When you are the first one to say I love you in the relationship, you are proving to yourself and to your partner that you are really confident in who you are. It also shows that you are confident in the relationship.

3. Because it forces your partner to confront their own feelings about you.

A lot of times, people will be too afraid to confront their own feelings about another person because it’s downright scary to do so. But if you say I love you to your partner first, they will really be forced to think about whether they love you too.

4. Because it is a genuinely kind thing to say to another person when true.

There are very few feelings in the world that are better than being told that you are loved by the person that you love most in life. Make your partner happy by being the first to admit your love.

5. Because it solidifies the strength of your relationship.

In an early relationship, there are two phases. There is the phase before you fall in love with one another, and there is the phase wherein you are actually in love already. Solidify your relationship by taking that leap and actually admitting your love.

6. Because your partner might feel it too but is just too afraid to admit it.

Your partner may actually be itching to tell you that they love you but they just might be too afraid to do so. So your waiting will end up being pointless. You might as well liberate them from their own fears by taking the leap yourself.

7. Because it’s a liberating experience to be able to share the truth.

The truth will set you free, as they say.

8. Because it will ignite a level of physical intimacy you have never reached.

It will take your kisses, hugs, and even sex lives to a whole different level once you allow yourselves to really be vulnerable to one another. You will get to a level of physical intimacy that you will have never explored until you admit your love for one another.

9. Because you genuinely want to be the one who says it first.

If you want to say it first, then go right ahead. You shouldn’t let anything or anyone stop you from actually telling another person that you love them.

10. Because you love your partner. No other reason necessary.

Who needs a reason if you’re in love? You’re in love and you should say it to your partner. We miss out on so many chances to tell the people we love that we love them. Don’t make that mistake.

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