10 Reasons Your Big Sister Is The Most Important Girl You’re Ever Going To Have In Life

Don’t diss on your big sister. She’s the most important person in your life.

Whether you realize it or not, your big sister is actually the best girl who is ever going to be in your life. She is your absolute best friend. You might hate her a lot of the time, but she is always going to be the one who has your back through thick and thin.

She might torment your life a lot, but she is always going to be your fiercest protector. She might criticize you to the point that makes you want to strangle her in her sleep. She might make you cry and make you believe that you are a useless human being.

But you also have to know that she’s always going to love you unconditionally. And that means that she’s going to love you no matter how much you might hate her in any particular moment.

Do you need more reasons to believe that your big sister is the most important woman in your life? Well, here you go:

1. She is your first and closest friend.

Before you get the opportunity to establish friendships and relations with anyone else in life, you already have your sister. She is always going to be your first friend whether you like it or not. And so that means that she will also be your oldest friend. And because of the amount of time that you spend together, she is also going to be your absolute closest friend.

2. She understands whatever you might be going through with your family.

She understands what you’re going through with your family because she IS your family. She knows what kind of pressure your parents might be putting on you. She understands the kinds of problems that you need to be dealing with at home. And she can really empathize with you on that front.

3. She makes you feel like you don’t have to hide anything from her.

She is always going to make you comfortable about just being yourself whenever you’re with her. She has probably seen you at your most embarrassing, and so there should be nothing that stops you from being who you really are whenever you’re together. She is always going to allow you to be your own person. You will never have to feel like you have to fake it with her.

4. She has a closet full of clothes that you can ransack any time you want.

Her wardrobe can be your wardrobe too. She might act as it pisses her off at first whenever you borrow some of her clothes without asking her. But ultimately, she’s always going to be fine with it. She secretly loves it whenever you are able to look good in her own clothes.

5. She opens your world to a perspective that is beyond your years.

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Because she’s older, she is going to be able to give you some valuable perspective that you won’t be able to get from your usual peers.

6. She will always open her home up to you even when you don’t live together anymore.

Even if you grow up and move away from one another, her home is always going to be your home as well. She is always going to open her doors to you if you need her to. You can always find comfort in her.

7. She will always keep things real with you.

She is never going to lie to you just to protect you from your own feelings. She is never going to deceive you just to make you happy. She is always going to keep things real and raw with you. Your big sister understands her role in your life – and sometimes, she has to be the one who plays the villain. She has to be the one who tells you the cold hard truth even when you don’t want to hear it.

8. She has the greatest appreciation for your potential in life.

She understands just how great you can be, and she really believes in you the most. She knows about all of the things that you have been through in life – and she knows just how far you are going to be able to go as well.

9. She gives great advice.

She’s older than you – and therefore, she’s wiser and more experienced. Everything that you are going through now, she has probably experienced in the past. So she would make the perfect person to run to for advice about life in general. At the very least, she is always going to be willing to listen to you talk about whatever you need to get off your chest.

10. She is always your go-to person when you have no one else.

Regardless if you’re single or not, you can always rely on your sister to be your go-to person. She can be the one you automatically call when you have good news to share. She’s the one who you go to whenever you’ve just had your heart broken. She’s the one you ask advice from whenever you feel like you’re lost in life.

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  1. I’m a big sister and I love my younger first born sister like she was my own child!! Her pain is my pain and her happiness fills my heart! ❤️

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