10 Red Flags That The Guy You’re Dating Can’t Be Trusted

Sometimes, you just really have to know whether a guy can be trusted or not.

We feel you, honey. A lot of us have been around the block before and we really know what you’re going through.

You’ve been in the dating game for quite a while now but you still haven’t managed to find much success in it. You are still having trouble with actually finding a man who you know you can actually build a future with. A lot of the time, it’s the same story. You meet someone, you become interested in him. You become invested in him. You become attached to him. And then he turns out to be a big old douchebag.

You’re so tired of it. You’re so tired of just being let down and disappointed all of the time. It’s really straining your heart and you don’t want to have to deal with that kind of narrative anymore. You don’t want to find yourself becoming attached to a guy only to find out that he isn’t really all that, to begin with.

Is it possible to even avoid putting yourself in that scenario, to begin with?

Well, the answer is yes. You just have to make a conscious effort to stay on top of the things that are going on very early in a relationship. Guys can be very revealing even when they don’t want to be. You just have to be smart about it. You just have to make sure that you are always seeking out the possible red flags that he’s a guy who can’t be trusted.

But if you don’t know what it is you must be looking for exactly, then this article is going to be for you. Highlighted here are a few red flags that you need to stay vigilant of when you’re starting to date a guy. If you notice that a lot of these signs apply to him, then you need to run for the hills immediately before you become too attached.

1. He acts really vague when making plans.

He never really makes any real concrete plans with you. He’s just constantly going with the flow. That means that he isn’t serious about wanting to date you and he’s just playing it by feel.

2. He never really wants to meet your friends.

He isn’t interested in meeting your friends because he has no intentions of ever befriending them. This is a sign that he’s selfish and that he doesn’t really care about merging social circles with you. He might not even be taking you seriously.

3. He doesn’t open up about his past.

He doesn’t really show a willingness to open up about who he is or what his life was like before he met you. He doesn’t want to give you a good glimpse into who he really is as a person.

4. He doesn’t give you space when you ask for it.

He doesn’t respect the individuality that you crave and are deserving of. Just because you are interested in dating him doesn’t mean that he should get to violate your sense of space whenever he wants.

5. He rushes you or pressures you into doing things.

He doesn’t respect your pace or your hustle. He rushes you into locking things down with him even when you’re not ready. And that’s just plainly sketchy behavior.

6. He doesn’t respect your privacy.

He is constantly violating your privacy. He asks you questions about your personal life that he shouldn’t feel comfortable asking just yet. He browses through your phone and computer history. He doesn’t respect your sense of privacy at all.

7. You get the sense that he’s lying or hiding something.

You somehow get the sense that he’s just lying to you about something. You can’t seem to trust him because he exhibits shady behavior. You get the sense that he’s keeping you in the dark about something and chances are that he actually is.

8. He doesn’t make an effort to compromise with you.

Compromise is always going to be essential in any kind of relationship. He must always be the type of guy who would be willing to meet you halfway. He has to show a willingness to actually accommodate you into his life. If not, then he’s definitely bad news.

9. He only ever really thinks about his own needs.

He is only ever really concerned about his own needs. He doesn’t pay you any mind at all. He doesn’t care about what you’re feeling or what you’re craving for. He’s only going to try to meet his own preferences.

10. He refuses to shell out money for dates or gifts.

He always turns to you whenever the bill arrives. He doesn’t even really try to pay for anything at all… not even a simple cup of coffee! This is a sign that he’s a gold-digger and he is only looking to use you for the money that you’re willing to give him.

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