10 Red Flags That Your Boyfriend Is An Evil Person

You’re fairly familiar with what evil is. You feel like you’ve already been exposed to evil in the past and you think that you have a good idea of what it’s supposed to look like. However, what you don’t know is that you can be staring at evil right in the face without you even realizing it. In fact, you might even be in love with a truly evil person and that’s always an unfortunate situation.

But hold on! You think to yourself: why would you ever fall in love with an evil person? Well, the answer is quite simple. Sometimes, the evil doesn’t necessarily manifest itself until it’s too late. Your love might already be blinding you to all of the evil tendencies that you don’t even notice them in your relationship anymore. And that’s not a good thing. You always want to be staying vigilant in your relationship. You never want to be blind to the evil tendencies of your man because, in the end, you’re only going to end up suffering for it.

Remember that evil can take its shape in many forms. It doesn’t always have to manifest itself in the form of gruesome murders or shouting matches between you and your partner. Evil can also be subtle. And this is the dangerous kind of evil because it can go unnoticed and ignored a lot of the time. And you never want evil to be left unchecked. When you notice that it is evil within the personality of your boyfriend, you need to be able to call him out on it. You need to check him on how he treats you. You always need to make sure that you don’t tolerate evil behavior from him if you know what’s good for you.

If you notice the following red flags in your relationship, then you might have an evil boyfriend and you definitely need to take action.

1. He makes you question the reality of your situation.

He constantly makes you feel like you are crazy. He is always trying to make you feel that what you believe is false. And that’s a common tactic that evil people use to invalidate all of your misgivings about your relationship.

2. He lies to you constantly.

He is a serial liar. He is always looking to cover himself with a mask of lies. He knows that who he is, in reality, is a terrible person. But he doesn’t want you to know that and that’s why he is going to deceive you with his lies.

3. He avoids taking responsibility in the relationship.

He refuses to acknowledge his role in your relationship. He wants all of the benefits but none of the accountability. He is constantly blaming you for everything that goes wrong in the relationship because he doesn’t want to assume any responsibility.

4. He does whatever he wants without taking your feelings into consideration.

He is selfish. He doesn’t understand the value of having selflessness in a relationship. He is always just doing whatever he wants. He is always just acting on his own accord regardless of how his words or actions might affect you on an emotional level.

5. He wastes your time constantly.

He has no regard for your sense of time management. He shows up late for your dates. He makes you wait around for him a lot.

6. He doesn’t show up whenever you need him.

He doesn’t really want to give you the consistency that you would want from a boyfriend in a relationship. He isn’t reliable. He only ever really shows up when it’s convenient for him to do so. He doesn’t show up whenever you need him to be there.

7. He doesn’t allow you to choose your own friends.

He feels entitled enough to actually choose your friends. He thinks that he gets full say on the kind of people you get to hang out and spend your time with. But the truth is that he just wants you all to himself. He doesn’t want to share you because he thinks that he owns you to a certain extent.

8. He hides certain aspects of his life from you.

He doesn’t really open up to you about the shady aspects of his life. And that’s because he knows that you aren’t going to like what you see if he does open himself up to you.

9. He constantly guilt-trips you to manipulate you.

He makes you feel like everything is your fault in an effort to guilt-trip you. He is manipulating you to do and be more for the relationship.

10. He causes physical harm towards you.

At the end of the day, your man shouldn’t be laying his hands on you in any capacity. He shouldn’t be harming you in any way. And if he ever does lay your hands on you, stand up for yourself. You shouldn’t be putting up with that kind of treatment.

  1. Yello.
    Thank you for this article, everything you have written is true because that’s what my boyfriend has been and more. I had to run from the relationship because it was getting worse, he had offered me as a sacrifice for him to get wealth.
    Very terrible.

  2. All of this, is my boyfriend. I’m kinda sick at my stomach right now.. now what’? I was in a marriage of 24yrs prior.. that was abusive.. now this.. equals lifetime of regrets. Wasted all time and life.. I’m used up, damaged goods now, 47 where do I go from here

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