10 Red Flags That You’re In a Relationship With An Evil Human Being

Evil. It’s the one thing a lot of us wish we could get rid of in this world; and yet, it finds a way to persists in the hearts of many. There are just too many evil people in the world these days despite our better efforts. And that’s why we must all make it a point to be careful and guarded when we are interacting and opening ourselves up to people. Yes, we must always allow a certain sense of vulnerability whenever we want to find love with another person; but that doesn’t mean we should be doing so recklessly.

We can only ever allow ourselves to fall in love with people who are actually worth it. Otherwise, if we continue to remain reckless, then we are only going to get hurt over and over again. Of course, when we meet people, we always want to be expecting the best of them. We always want to maintain a certain sense of optimism whenever we meet other people for the first time. We don’t want to have negative and pessimistic views of the world. That is such a sad way to go about living life.

However, just because we are optimistic doesn’t mean we should be blind. We should expect the best from people but we must also be preparing for the worst. It’s always important that we detach ourselves from relationships with toxic people or else we run the risk of becoming toxic ourselves. And we don’t want that to happen to us. We don’t want to become victims of our own carelessness. So always try to see the best in people, but also be vigilant enough to spot the signs of evil and toxicity early on.

Once you figure out that your partner is actually guilty of having a lot of the signs that are listed on here, then it’s highly likely that they have evil spirits within them and you don’t want any part of that. You need to be able to call them out on it or just walk away from the entire situation completely. And be very observant because evil can mask itself very well; it has a way of flying under the radar. It can be very subtle and you might not know that it’s there unless you know what you need to be looking for.

1. He constantly tries to manipulate your version of reality.

He wants you to doubt your own sanity. He wants you to be so insecure about your perspective of the world by trying to make it seem like you are always flawed and wrong. And if he succeeds, he will force you to rely on him for the “truth” even when it’s all lies.

2. He will slightly alter facts to put himself in a better light.

In other words, whatever he says is always going to be completely different from what is real.

3. He withholds information from that he isn’t comfortable sharing with you.

He conceals the truth from you – especially when he knows that the truth is going to get him into substantial trouble. He doesn’t care much about enlightening you to what’s real.

4. He is a master at the art of misdirection.

He really knows how to distract you. He knows how to redirect your thoughts to take a lot of the heat off him.

5. He is a perpetual liar.

He is always lying to you. He doesn’t care much for telling you the truth especially if it’s going to get him into trouble. He is only ever really looking out for himself and he has no respect for you at all. He doesn’t think that you’re someone who is worthy of the truth.

6. He feels no remorse or sadness for the woes and troubles of others.

He doesn’t really feel sadness whenever other people experience pain; all he cares about is himself and his own personal pleasures. He wouldn’t mind hurting others just to get ahead.

7. He washes his hands of responsibility whenever he can.

He doesn’t like to assume responsibility for anything that he does. He always tries to wash his hands clean whenever he can.

8. He is fond of manipulating other people to do his bidding.

He is a master manipulator. He likes to use people as a means of getting what he wants in life.

9. He only ever shows up whenever he needs something from you.

He’s a user. He’s never there for you unless it’s convenient for him to be there. He sees people as objects; as tools that he can use for his own personal pleasures.

10.He acts differently when you’re alone from when you’re out in public.

He is a completely different person depending on where you are and who you’re with. In public, he’s perfectly nice and gentlemanly. But when you’re alone, he treats you terribly. He does this so that people won’t believe you when you tell them that he’s evil.

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