10 Secrets About Being In A Relationship That No One Ever Teaches You

Wish I knew these before…

There are just some things that you can never really learn until you experience them for yourself or if you happen to read about them in a blog article like this. Whenever you are lucky enough to find yourself in a happy, healthy, and stable relationship that is filled with lots of love and affection, then you would know that love is both everything and nothing like you expected it to be. In one sense, you discover that it indeed is magical as you have always been led to believe. But there are also a few little surprises that you’re going to pick up along the way as you grow in your relationship with your partner. It’s an absolute whirlwind of emotions. It’s a rollercoaster ride. It’s an experience that is going to be filled with a lot of joy, anger, excitement, stagnancy, elation, frustration, and every other conceivable emotion under the sun.

Regardless of whether the relationship is going to be one that lasts or not, it’s doubtless that it will leave a significant and irrevocable mark on your life.  You are going to learn so much more about the world, about love, about life, and about yourself in the process and it’s going to be quite a thrill. You will be forced to endure challenges and trials that will make you want to crawl into a hole and hide. It’s not going to be smooth sailing but it’s definitely a trip that’s worth experiencing; a journey that’s worth having. Here are some of the secrets about relationships that no one ever teaches you.

1. It’s never going to be a perfect thing.

Relationships aren’t meant to be perfect. They are designed to be very flawed and difficult. You are going to want to pull your hair out a lot of the time, but in the end, you will find that the joy of being together is always worth the struggle. 

2. Opening up to someone else won’t be as easy as you initially thought it would be.

You might think that sparks fly instantly whenever you meet the one you’re destined to be in a relationship with. But that is rarely ever the case. There is always a lot of hesitation involved in opening up to another person. It’s not as easy as a lot of people make it out to be. 

3. It’s not going to be the one thing that defines your entire life.

You are still going to have a life beyond your relationship. You still have your life as an individual that you can’t afford to neglect. Despite the fact that your relationship is important to you, it’s not everything. 

4. There is going to be a lot of awkwardness that comes with falling in love.

You aren’t always going to be smooth and confident with how you deal with one another. In fact, you might even be espousing the opposite kind of attribute. Awkwardness is very common when you’re just starting to fall in love with someone. 

5. Social media relationships are a lot different than real life relationships.

The things that you see on social media are rarely ever going to be how they appear in real life. The relationships that your friend try to project unto your social media feeds are going to be very different from what real relationships look like. 

6. It’s going to be difficult balancing time for yourself and for your relationship.

You think that balancing time for yourself and your relationship is going to be easy but it isn’t. It’s even hard enough just having to balance out everything that you need to accomplish for yourself on a daily basis. Adding a relationship to the mix is only going to complicate things even further. 

7. You will really understand what it means to have to compromise.

You will never know what real compromise is until you have to compromise for the sake of your relationship. You are going to have to bend some of your principles significantly if you want your relationship to survive. 

8. You will feel yourself change in the process.

Change is going to be inevitable in a relationship. You are going to grow into a slightly different person and that shouldn’t surprise you. Your partner is going to heavily influence your life and how you conduct yourself. Whether or not that’s a good thing is entirely up to you. 

9. Relationships are really expensive.

Relationships are expensive. Dates. Gifts. Shared utilities. Everything is going to cost you financially. But of course, if you’re both responsible with your money, this shouldn’t really be a problem for you at all. 

10. It will force you to really step outside of your comfort zone. 

You will really have to compel yourself to be okay with being uncomfortable. Relationships are never designed to be smooth sails or easy pickings. You are going to have to really step outside of your comfort space. 

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