10 Signs He Likes You Through Text

How can you tell if a guy likes you from his texts? Even though we can message anytime, we miss out on a lot of stuff. You know, the facial expressions and how they act.

Texts don’t show if they’re joking, flirting, or being serious. So, if you’re curious about a guy you’re texting and want to know if he’s interested in you, keep reading to find out some signs he might like you.

There are tricks to help you figure it out. You need to know what to ask, what to watch for, and what you can do.

Here are a few signs that show a guy is definitely into you:

1. He Texts Back Immediately

This is a clear sign. If a guy replies to your texts right away, you can be pretty sure he likes you. At least, he’s starting to feel something for you, which is the first step towards really liking you. Fast responses mean he genuinely wants to chat and get to know you.

2. He Likes Hearing Your Stories

When a guy likes you, he’ll be curious to learn more about you. He’ll want you to share everything in your life and ask questions that need more than short answers like “yeah” or “LOL.” If he’s asking for your life stories, chances are he’s into you.

3. He Texts You First

Do you always get a “good morning” text from him? Does he message you during work or right after? If you say yes, he probably likes you. However, if you’re the one starting conversations all the time, that’s not so great.

4. He Texts Throughout The Day

Are you texting each other all day long? If your conversation goes on for the whole day, there could be some romantic feelings involved. Like we said before, most guys aren’t big on texting. So, if he’s texting you a lot, it’s usually for a reason, like getting info. If he’s texting you aimlessly all day, he’s trying to connect with you.

5. He Likes Hearing About Your Day

If a guy likes you, he’ll find even the little things about you interesting. If he texts and asks about your work, class, or lunch, that’s a good sign. It’s even nicer if he remembers what you told him before. This shows that he’s genuinely curious about you because he likes you.

6. He Texts You Before Going To Sleep

If he texts you before going to sleep, it shows you’re the last person on his mind as he falls sleep.

7. He Asks Questions

If a guy likes you, he’ll want to know about you – sometimes he’ll ask in a casual way, other times he’ll be more direct. It’s his way of keeping the conversation alive. If he’s really curious and asks lots of questions while texting, it’s a sign he’s starting to like you.

8. He Texts You When Something Important Happens

Do you hear about important things in this guy’s life right away or later? If he tells you about both big and small stuff happening to him, it means he thinks you’re important and cares about you.

9. He Texts You Random Things That Make You Laugh

If the guy keeps sending you memes, jokes, or funny stories, it’s a sure sign he likes you. He wants to make you laugh and show he cares. And if his humor matches yours, it’s great for a potential relationship.

10. He Wishes You Weren’t Just Texting

He’s not just about texting; he’s eager to spend time with you in person! He keeps hinting at how he’d prefer to be with you instead of just texting. He might say things like, “If I didn’t have work, we could totally hang out!” or “I wish I could be there with you.”

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