10 Signs He’s a Controlling Guy

Are you with a controlling guy?

You must’ve seen those girls who change their appearance once they commit to their guy; girls who give up their taste in music or who stop talking to their friends. Most of the time, the hand behind that is their guy, who, due to his controlling nature, makes his girl have a new and different persona than her previous one.

Being with a controlling guy can do more damage that you officially realize. Those seemingly ˜tiny’ details can give rise to a form of emotional abuse, when let loose. Most guys will show signs of having a controlling nature. Read below to find out some of them.

1. He will consider other men as off-limits for you

    This is perhaps the biggest sign of a controlling guy. If he sees you so much as saying hi to a male friend or colleague, he will consider that as a threat without looking into the matter. If your ex drops off something of yours he had with him all this time, your controlling guy will assume that to be you getting back with your ex. His baseless perceptions and assumptions will give away to insignificant questions that will put you into an awkward state of mind. This is a sign he has a controlling nature.

    2. He comes off as a strong personality

      He will fall for you surprisingly fast. He will know the right things to say, when and how to say them. His actions will sweep you off your feet. Everything about his personality will come as strong to you. Even though he will seem flattering to you, it isn’t a positive trait to have in the long things of run. Controlling guys will know how to lure you in and before you know it, he’ll being the dominating one.

      3. His time is the only precious time

        Controlling guys will make it seem like all your time is their time, and that anything you do alone will be disruptive to him schedule. It is a sur sign that in the heat of the moment, he might make you remain under the impression that you have the luxury of time. His controlling nature, however, will dominate and you will realize that time is not a luxury you only he does. 

        4. He isn’t that social

          Being social means you have to get out there and trust others enough to communicate with them effectively. Controlling guy can rarely manage this. They will lack a proper group of friends or colleagues. If you are social, he will try to take that away from you all at the expense of his controlling nature. Since he isn’t in that place where one can take on meeting new people and attending social gatherings, he will not let you do the same either.

          5. He invades on your privacy

            He will become paranoid at times when you so much as mention the name of a new male friend or colleague. He will keep tabs on where you go, who you hang out with, what you do in your pastime and so on. Controlling guys are, in a way, unaware of the term privacy. They want to know all that you’re upto you. That in itself, is a controlling behavior; the matte speaks for itself. – Continue reading on the next page

            6. He becomes insistent on basically everything

              It’s needless to say that when your guy is insisting a little too much to wear that black dress instead of the new red one; or to visit that restaurant instead of the you wanted to go to he is controlling. He wants you to be dependent on him. There will be a point where his charm and compliments will give way to a stubborn insistency and you will know, he is controlling.

              7. He directs you more than connecting with you

                You will feel his controlling nature when he will not try to connect with you, he will only try to direct you. Sure, being controlling and being directive often goes synonymous to each other. But when he is directing you, he will ˜suggest’ you things and ideas more than he should. Instead of being open-minded and curious to get to know you and possibly connect with you, he will constantly make you explain yourself. 

                8. He doesn’t let you speak up

                  Do we need to say more? You don’t have a say in anythingbecause your guy is so controlling and dominative, he barely lets you speak up for yourself. Whether it’s something related to what you need or something you need to defend yourself on his controlling nature gets the best of him and you’re made voiceless by him.

                  9. He takes everything defensively

                    You will know your guy is very controlling when he is not ready to hear you out, lest he gets the blame. It places him to be on the defensive of, well, almost everything.

                    10. He doesn’t let you be who you want

                      Controlling guys put a stain on all that you are as a person. They’ll tell you be someone they like, not who you want to be.

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