10 Signs He’s A Great Guy And You Shouldn’t Let Him Go

You never want to make the mistake of taking a great guy for granted in relationships. And that’s a trap that a lot of women tend to fall into once they get really comfortable with their men. Great guys just have a way of making relationships so easy and comfortable; they are so good at making everything run so smoothly to the point that it might actually become boring. Stability and overconfidence can sometimes be bad for a relationship in this sense.

You might grow to think that you don’t have to work as had on your relationship because your partner is doing it all for you. And that’s always the wrong mindset to have.

When you know you have a great partner, you have to make sure that you are always showing him the appreciation that he needs from you. You need to make sure that he knows that you aren’t taking him for granted; that his efforts aren’t going unnoticed. You always need to give him validation and motivation. Otherwise, he will grow tired and weary of treating you the way that you should be treated.

1. He always works on keeping the passion in your relationship alive.

He knows that he shouldn’t content himself with just coasting. He knows that it isn’t enough that he loves you and that you love him. He knows he always has to find ways to keep the flame of the relationship alive; to always keep things as fresh and as interesting as possible.

2. He makes you look forward to coming home to him every day.

He is such a great guy to come home to because you always find relief and security in his arms. He has a calming presence in your life. No matter how stressed or puzzled you may be feeling at any moment in your life, he will always be able to calm you down with his mere existence.

3. He doesn’t make you feel pressured to look a certain way.

He is never going to force you to dress a certain way. He isn’t going to push you into getting a certain haircut. He isn’t going to make you feel bad for not wearing make up or for not wearing nice clothes. You are going to feel loved by him no matter how you look.

4. He finds happiness in being able to make you happy.

He considers it his personal mission to make you happy because it makes him happy to see you smile. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make your life as joyful, as comfortable, and as colorful as possible.

5. He really makes an effort to listen to you.

He is always going to be willing to lend you an ear whenever you need to get something off your chest.  He will never shy away from actually just shutting up and letting you take the floor. He always gives you a safe space to express yourself however you want without any fear of judgement or ridicule.

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