10 Signs He’s Starting To Get Serious About You

Is he or isn’t he? It can be really hard to tell sometimes. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you always want to make sure that it’s real and tangible. You are so sick and tired of being in relationships that are practically glorified flings. You want something real. You want something hot and heavy. You want something serious that you can really build on for the long-term. And that’s great. But what if you’re with someone who doesn’t feel the same way? That’s when the conflict arises.

Just because you’re serious about a relationship doesn’t mean that it’s going to be enough. You’re going to need to be with a man who is going to be just as serious about the relationship as you are. Otherwise, you’re just going to end up wasting your time and you are going to feel really disappointed after. But what can you do to know for sure if a guy is going to be serious about you? How do you know if he’s just playing around or not? Well, if you see that a lot of the signs listed on here apply to your guy, then it’s likely that he’s really serious about being with you.

1. He talks about the future with you.

He really opens up about the idea of having a future with you. To him, this isn’t just some temporary fling or casual hookup. He’s really serious about making things work with you. He’s really serious about working at the longevity of your relationship.

2. He introduces you to the closest people in his life.

He wants to be able to integrate your social circles because he knows that you’re going to be a permanent fixture in his life. You aren’t a girl he’s just looking to discard anytime soon. And that’s why he wants you to meet those closest to him.

3. He stays completely open and honest to you.

He allows himself to be vulnerable with you. The proof of his seriousness lies in his openness. A guy rarely ever opens himself up to a girl. But if he’s really serious about being with you, then he wouldn’t have a problem with making himself vulnerable to gain your trust, love, and affection.

4. He always makes it his goal to make you happy and comfortable.

He’s no longer selfish. It’s not just him chasing his own personal happiness anymore. He considers your own well-being to be his utmost priority. It makes him happy to see you happy. It makes him fulfilled to see you comfortable. And that’s because he’s taken it upon himself to take care of you.

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