10 Signs It’s Better For You To Just Break Up With Him

You need to be selfish sometimes.

Not all relationships last. Not all men are worth being with. Sometimes, when enough is enough, you just really have to call it quits. You have to be able to say that you deserve better and you have got to muster the courage to walk away. There’s no shame in walking away from a relationship that isn’t right for you. Remember that you never have to settle for a love that you feel like is beneath you. You always have to fight for the love that you deserve even if that means having to give up the love that you already have. Life is like that. We have to be able to burn some bridges and close some doors for us to move on to bigger and better things. Sometimes, you just get stuck in a relationship with a loser boyfriend and you have to realize that the sooner you call it quits,

the better. It would be much more beneficial for your heart if you pull the band-aid off and break up with your terrible boyfriend. It’s much better to be happy as a single lady than to be unhappy in a sucky relationship. Of course, not all relationships are going to be perfect. You still have to be able to fight for the relationships that have problems. You can’t just throw something away because imperfections exist. You have to work towards getting things better. You have to put in the time and effort that’s necessary to make a relationship work. So how do you know when you need to fight and when it’s time to walk away? That’s the question that a lot of people in bad relationships struggle with. But to help put your mind at ease, here are 12 signs that you definitely need to break up with your man and end the relationship.

1. Your boyfriend is still active on dating apps.

Why would he still be on those dating apps if he were truly serious about being in a relationship with you? If he’s not willing to take things seriously with you, then you shouldn’t be willing to take things seriously with him either.

2. Your boyfriend never treats you as a priority in his life.

While it’s unreasonable for you to think that you should be the only important thing in his life, it’s fine for you to expect to place you first every once in a while. If you feel like you are constantly playing second-fiddle, then it’s better to walk away.

3. Your boyfriend doesn’t make an effort to ever make you feel special.

To you, he’s a cut above the rest. But you can’t confidently say that he feels the same way about you. You are constantly made to feel like you aren’t special because he really doesn’t put in the effort at all.

4. Your boyfriend has no direction or plan in life.

It takes a certain sense of maturity to make a relationship work. And with maturity, a person is going to have to have some structure and direction in his life. If your boyfriend isn’t even mature enough to see how important it is to have a plan in life, he’s not worth being in a relationship with.

5. Your boyfriend is reckless with money.

Financial stability is important in a long-term relationship. Money matters are always going to play a big role in the longevity of a relationship. If your boyfriend is constantly being reckless with money, then that’s definitely a bad sign for whatever shared future you are going to have.

6. Your boyfriend refuses to just outright commit to you.

Can you even call him your boyfriend? Have you been dating for months and you’re still not sure about where you stand in the relationship? Walk out. He’s not committing to you.

7. Your boyfriend never values your time.

Time is very important and it should only be afforded to the people who are most important to you. And if your boyfriend doesn’t value your time, it’s because he doesn’t value who you are as a person either. He thinks it’s okay to waste your time because you don’t matter much to him.

8. Your boyfriend always cheats on you.

This should be left unsaid. You shouldn’t be okay with letting your man get a free pass to cheat on you every chance he gets. He should be committing to you and you alone.

9. Your boyfriend acts too possessive.

You aren’t an object for a person to own. You aren’t anyone’s property. So if your boyfriend starts objectifying you and treating you as if he owns you, then it’s time to really reconsider your stance on this romance.

10. Your boyfriend is dealing with addictions.

Addictions are big deals and they can’t be taken lightly. If your boyfriend is dealing with a drug or alcohol problem, encourage them to seek professional help.

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