10 Signs Of Manipulation In A Relationship

Are they manipulating you?

Manipulation in relationships is a much more common than one would think. It’s a shame really. Relationships were designed to be platforms for love, affection, intimacy, and happiness. But still, there are some downright despicably evil people who will use relationships as a way to manipulate others into doing what they want. Usually, in these kinds of relationships, the romance is always going to be unbalanced. One person is always going to be made to feel more dependent and worthless than the other. The manipulation can take its shape in various forms, but essentially, the end goal is always to be to make the other person feel like they are totally insignificant and that anything they might say or think is automatically invalid.

It’s sad for victims because they usually don’t realize that they are being manipulated at first. They will be forced to believe that these are normal circumstances of a relationship and they will have no choice but to abide. Unfortunately, the manipulator is most likely a skilled abuser who knows how to get the most out of the victim without revealing their true intentions.

So that’s why, if you ever find yourself in a relationship, you must always make sure that you aren’t becoming a victim of abuse and manipulation. You always have to be able to take an objective look at your relationship and see things with clear lenses. But just to give you a better perspective on things, here are a few signs that you could keep an eye out for. Remember that ignorance is your worst enemy, and the more you know, the better prepared you will be for potential abuse. Here are some very common signs of manipulation in a relationship that you should keep an eye out for.

1. You are constantly being lied to.

A master manipulator will always know that the truth will be their greatest enemy. That’s why they will always want you to doubt the truth by showering you with as many lies as possible. They will always want you to question reality.

2. Your partner will refuse to own up to anything that they say or do if it gets them into trouble.

A manipulator will never want to get into trouble. They will always look to deflect any accusations that are hurled at them. That is why they will never take responsibility for their actions. They will never want to be accountable to what they say.

3. Your partner will use the things that you love against you.

Your partner will know how to tap into your emotions and your weak spots. They will know how to make you do whatever they want by tapping into the things that you are most passionate about; the things that make you weak in the knees; the things that make you the most vulnerable.

4. You will feel a slow and gradual breakdown of your defenses.

Remember that a manipulator will never be intense in their approach. They will always take a slow and methodical approach so that you won’t necessarily feel a drastic shift in your lifestyle. They will lull you into complacency until there’s nothing left.

5. Your partner will say one thing and do something different.

Usually, with these master manipulators, their actions never back up their words. They will say one thing and they will do something different just to keep you guessing. They will never completely give you want you want.

6. You will be at the receiving end of a few compliments just to throw you off.

Of course, they won’t treat you bad all the time. If they do, you would realize sooner than later that you have no reason for staying in the relationship. That’s why they will give you just enough to keep you interested in staying together.

7. You will be the target of all of their projections.

When they are accused of anything bad at all, the master manipulators will throw it back at you just to keep you on your toes. If you accuse them of cheating, they will change the topic and say that you are just being delusional and needy.

8. You will be made to feel like everyone is against you.

A master manipulator will always want to make you feel like you are alone and no one is going to take your side. They will want you to think that you would never win if you chose to go against them and it would be better for you to just accept how they treat you.

9. You will be made to feel like you are crazy.

As previously mentioned, they will make you question your own perception of reality. They will want you to think that you are crazy and that your thoughts and opinions have no merit because of your craziness.

10. Your partner will accuse you and everyone else of being a liar.

A master manipulator will want to monopolize the truth. They will want you to think that the only real truth exclusively comes from them.

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