10 Signs That He Just Isn’t The One For You

Dating is such a rough world to have to traverse. In fact, there are plenty of people on the face of this earth who struggle to find the secrets to achieving success in love and relationships. There are no perfect people in this world. And that’s why there are never really any perfect relationships either. All of them are going to require substantial effort and hard work.

All successful marriages and relationships are going to tell you that the paths that they have gone through were never really easy.

There are plenty of women who get into new relationships and they get really excited at everything that is happening. They will get thrilled at the idea of perhaps finding that one person who they know they are meant to be with forever. However, that might prove to be a problem. When you are in the honeymoon phase of the relationship, you might allow your feelings to blind you to the things that you need to be paying attention to.

You always want to be staying vigilant in your relationship. The more you stay in a relationship, the more attention you will be wanting to pay to the details of your love. Sometimes, you might end up being stuck in the honeymoon period while your partner is already having one foot outside the door. It’s very much possible that your man has fallen out of love with you in spite of the fact that you still love him with all of your heart.

And whenever that’s the case, you can either make some adjustments to try to win back his love or you can just let him go altogether and try to move on to someone new. Here are a few signs that your man has fallen out of love with you.

1. The communication in your relationship has really worsened.

He doesn’t really try to open up to you about the details of his life anymore. He doesn’t volunteer any information about how his day might be going.

2. He no longer makes it feel like he’s interested in your life.

He doesn’t really ask you about your life anymore. It’s as if he’s completely detached from you and he has no interest in the life that you live.

3. He tries to change you into someone you’re not comfortable with being.

He shows a clear disgust in who you are as a human being and he’s deliberately trying to change you into someone else. He wants to turn you into someone you might not be comfortable with being.

4. He keeps secrets from you.

He really isn’t interested in telling you the truth anymore. He doesn’t respect you enough to actually bring you out of the dark when it comes to certain things.

5. He acts really inconsistently with you.

Whenever he makes an effort to be nice to you, it’s always inconsistent. You notice that he just can’t be the man who makes you happy ALL of the time anymore.

6. He goes out a lot without you.

He seems perfectly fine with spending most of his time away with you as possible.

7. He doesn’t make an effort to keep you happy.

He doesn’t really take it upon himself to keep you happy in your relationship. He doesn’t try to make it seem like he’s genuinely concerned about your total happiness in life.

8. He doesn’t follow through on promises and commitments.

He doesn’t really follow through with you when it comes to promises and commitments. He tells you that he is going to do something, but then his words don’t really translate into action.

9. He avoids all talk surrounding the future.

He doesn’t really talk to you about the future of your relationship. He doesn’t seem interested in making long-term plans with you because he isn’t entirely sure about sharing a future with you at all.

10. He doesn’t seem receptive to the things you want to say to him.

He doesn’t really seem like he’s open to having you talk to him about whatever might be on your mind. It’s as if he couldn’t be bothered to have a real conversation with you.


At the end of the day, you only ever want to be in a relationship with someone who you know you would be able to work things out with. You want to be with a guy who you believe would be able to add a lot of joy and happiness to your heart. You would want to spend the rest of your life with someone who loves you just as much as you love them.

And if you find that your partner just doesn’t love you as much anymore, then you have to make a choice here: it’s either you try to get them to fall in love with you again or you just detach yourself from them and let them go entirely. Neither choice is going to be an easy one to make. But it’s still one you have to make nonetheless.

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