10 Signs That He’s Keeping The Truth From You

Are you being kept in the dark?

All the great relationships of human history are built on good old fashioned honesty. Remember the cliche that honesty is always the best policy. This is especially true for relationships. The reason this is so is because the practice of honesty entails respect for the person that you’re dealing with.

When you are honest with someone, you are essentially respecting that person enough to actually deem them worthy of the truth regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. However, on the flipside, when you are dishonest with someone, then you are essentially saying that this person isn’t worth telling the truth to at all.

That’s why a lot of people can get hurt when they realize that their partners are lying to them. They feel like it’s a betrayal of the trust that is formed in the relationship. They also feel that it is an affront to their characters and their personalities. And worst of all, the lies themselves can be downright brutal.

You never want to be the sucker in this situation. You always want to be the person who is in the know. You never want to end up as the person who is being lied to in the relationship. Because that way, you are the one who gets hurt, but you never got to get anything good out of it. You are the loser in that situation and you must avoid it at all costs.

That’s why whenever you suspect that your man is hiding something from you, you shouldn’t be taking that suspicion lightly. Be careful not to act like the crazy paranoid girlfriend, because that could spell potential doom for your relationship, but always make sure that you heed the signs. If you fail to stay vigilant, then that is going to be your own fault in the end when the truth blows up in your face.

So keep your eyes out for any of these signs. If your man is guilty for a lot of these, then he’s most probably hiding something from you.

1. He consistently takes a long time to answer your phone calls.

Sure. He may miss a few of your calls every so often and that should be fine. But if he deliberately lets it ring out on a consistent basis, then you know that something is up. He screens his callers comprehensively before he answers his phone and that’s not normal.

2. He is very protective of his communication devices.

He uses your laptop and your smartphone whenever he wants. But when it’s you who wants to borrow his communication devices, he hesitates for a bit. He’s probably hiding something there that he doesn’t want you to see.

3. He avoids one-on-one interactions with you.

He may get flustered and nervous too easily. He is afraid that you will be able to fish it out of him. He is hiding something and he wants to avoid all opportunities for you to find it out.

4. His stories just don’t add up.

One big tell that a person is definitely lying to you or keeping the truth from you is when that person’s stories don’t add up. His facts, dates, places, and characters are always inconsistent and contradictory; and so that means he’s probably lying.

5. He doesn’t really open up a lot to you even though you are an open book.

Sure, it can take a few people a little more time than others to actually step out of their shell. But if he’s been in a long relationship with you, he should really be opening up to you about his life more. If he still continues to give you nothing, then you can bet that he’s really hiding something.

6. He says things that are inconsistent with what other people observe.

He’s going to tell you one thing, but your mutual friends are going to tell you something different. He might say that he had to work late this one night, but his officemates tell you that he hasn’t logged in any overtime hours.

7. He doesn’t want you to meet his friends.

He doesn’t want to risk any of them slipping up. He knows that his friends know everything about him; and there may be things about him that he doesn’t want you to know about. Better to be safe than sorry in his situation.

8. He doesn’t like to look you in the eye.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. The more that you stare into each other’s eyes, the easier it will be for you to really sniff out whether something is off.

9. He feigns ignorance often.

This is the guilty man’s go-to excuse. He feigns ignorance. When you find that I don’t know is a standard answer of his during your inquisitions, then you can bet that he knows something; and it’s something he wants to keep from you.

10. He rarely ever takes you out in public.

The truth is out there and so he wants to keep you hidden. He wants you to be under his strict supervision so that he gets to control the elements. He doesn’t want you to be out there exploring the clues and uncovering the truth that he’s hiding.

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