10 Signs That It’s Just Not About The Sex For Your Partner

They don’t just want your body, they really do love you.

Physical attraction plays a huge role in getting people together. It’s most often the gateway for a lot of people to actually get into relationships with one another. They see someone they’re physically attracted to, and then they will try to check and see if there’s an emotional connection there. Unfortunately, for some relationships, the attraction stops at the physical level. And when that happens, the relationship ends up being a shallow one; a relationship that’s built on pure looks and aesthetic pleasure. It suddenly turns into a relationship that it built on lust and not on love. Sure, there are some couples who will look to have fun with one another for a while by being physically intimate with each other. But once the thrill of physical intimacy starts to lose its luster, the relationship will start to lose its identity and eventually crumble into nothing.

But then there are the great relationships that don’t have to rely on aesthetic or sexual pleasures to survive. These are the relationships that are built on real emotional connections. These are the relationships that establish strong emotional bonds between two people. The aesthetic pleasures end up just becoming a mere bonus. These are the kinds of relationships that are actually built to last. These are the relationships that are built for the long-term.

That’s why you should always try to be with a person who actually loves you not someone who just loves doing it with you. It has to go deeper than that. But how do you know if someone loves you for who you really are and not just what you look like? Well, there are a few signs that you could keep your eye out for.

1. They take a genuine interest in your life and overall welfare.

They genuinely want to immerse themselves in the nuances of your life. They don’t take a passive approach to being in your life. They would want to take an active role in actually getting to know you better; to find out more about who you are and the things that you are most passionate about.

2. They actually pamper you and make you feel cared for.

They genuinely care about your well-being. They know that you are strong and independent. They know that you can make it on your own. But they would grab at any opportunity to help make your life any easier or more convenient.

3. They make an effort to talk to you as much as possible.

They always love being in communication with you. They love getting to know you and they are obsessed with being in your company. They would really go out of their way just to be able to grab a few minutes of conversation with you.

4. They always make you feel like you are being thought of.

They would never make you feel like you’ve been forgotten. They would never make you feel like you don’t matter to them. They let you know that you are constantly on their minds by manifesting their thoughts into real actions.

5. They make an effort to be liked by your friends and family.

They know just how important your friends and your family are to you. These are the people who helped shape you to become who you are. They would never take that for granted and they would always make it a point to win over their affections as well.

6. They do their best to make you feel comfortable.

They will want you to feel completely comfortable and at ease whenever you’re with them. They want you to know that you can freely confide in them about anything in the world that you might possibly want to talk about. They will never make you feel like you have to suppress or censor yourself.

7. They won’t stop talking about you to their friends.

Another sign that they’re really into you is when you find out that they keep talking about you to their friends. They wouldn’t waste their breath talking to their friends about someone who didn’t really matter much to them in the first place.

8. They go out of their way to do things for you.

No matter how inconvenient it might be for them, they are always going to find a way to do nice things for you. They want you to be able to feel like they constantly have your back even when you don’t expect them to.

9. They open themselves up to you.

They are always willing to expose themselves to you even when they’re usually very secretive and closed off to others. They willingly open themselves up to you just to let you know that they trust you very deeply.

10. They would carve time out of their schedule just to be with you.

And lastly, you really know that a person is super into you when they take the time just to hang out with you. Time is valuable and it’s precious. It is never afforded to those who aren’t worthy of it. That’s why you should be happy that your partner actually makes time for you.

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