10 Signs That Marriage Just Isn’t For You

Ever get the feeling that you’re not the marriage sort?

There are plenty of women worldwide who think about their future weddings with their dream husbands even at very early ages. They dream up their wedding ceremonies and marriage proposals even with the most specific details.

And then there are those people who don’t see themselves getting married throughout their life. In this modern age, more and more people are just growing disinterested in the concepts of marriage and tying the knot.

Some very unlucky people are interested in the idea of marriage but just haven’t found the right person to get married to. Many factors can go into the decreasing popularity of marriage in today’s culture, and it can be challenging to pinpoint a universal reason for it.

Perhaps people nowadays are just a little more focused on the self, and they end up deprioritizing the need for sustainable relationships with others. Of course, the reasons might vary from a case to case basis.

If you happen to be one of the people who aren’t sure about where you stand on the issue, this article is for you. What are your thoughts on marriage? Do you have what it takes to be in a long-term commitment with another person? Are you the type of person who buys into the whole concept of ’til death do us part? Well, if you’re not sure, then you should probably read on until the end. Here are the top 15 signs that marriage just isn’t made for you.

1. You see weddings as unnecessary expenses.

You don’t buy into the whole concept of spending a lot of your hard-earned cash on a ceremony that feeds into the aesthetic needs of those around you. You don’t want to participate in this grand social tradition because it is an unnecessary expense. You have bills to pay, and you’d much instead use your money for more important things.

2. You don’t like sharing a bed for sleeping.

You have a strict sense of privacy. You don’t like sharing much of who you are or what you own. You value your individuality, and it manifests itself in the fact that you don’t even like to share your bed.

3. You won’t settle for anything less than perfect.

You will not settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to marriage. Unfortunately for you, perfection doesn’t exist. Married people know this, but you are too stubborn to accept this fact. That’s probably a good reason why you shouldn’t be getting married.

4. You would rather have kids without marriage.

In the old days, a lot of people wanted to get married to build a family. However, there are just so many options for people who want to build families in this modern age. Marriage is no longer a necessity for a person who wants to start a family.

5. You realize that love isn’t your thing.

It’s not that you don’t believe in love per se. It’s just that you know that it isn’t your thing. You don’t buy into the whole concept of happy endings and fairytale narratives. You don’t think you’re cut out for the roman candlelight kind of romantic atmosphere because you find the whole thing corny.

6. You are more into casual hookups than long-term commitments.

Commitment isn’t your thing, and commitment is a necessary aspect of any marriage. You are more interested in short-term flings with various romantic interests than lifelong commitments to a specific person. You can’t handle that kind of commitment.

7. You can’t move on from a previous relationship.

If you still can’t move on from a previous relationship that has since ended, then you aren’t ready for marriage yet. If you want to get married, you’re going to have to do so with a blank slate. You can’t afford to be carrying the baggage of a previous relationship with you into a marriage.

8. You can’t keep yourself grounded for too long.

You are constantly bouncing around, and you never like to keep yourself planted in one specific place for too long. You like to travel because you’re a natural wanderer, and you know you could never sustain a tame kind of lifestyle.

9. You keep waiting for love to come to you.

You aren’t aggressive enough. You always take a passive approach to love, and that’s why it always passes you buy. You never like to go outside of your comfort zone, and you aren’t willing to put in the effort to make love work for you.

10. Your career always comes first.

You are just too focused on your career, and you don’t want to compromise that time for anything else, not even relationships. You aren’t willing to devote so much time and effort to your relationships at the expense of your career.

  1. Damn. Been there done that, 21 years invested. Broke down, irreparable. Got 2 wonderful kids from it. At my stage in life now (mid-50s), I identify with 1,5 and 6. Since any of the10 are reasons to reconsider remarrying, I’m not going to go down that road again and will happily remain single.

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