10 Signs That She’s Just Not The Girl You’re Meant To Be With

If it’s not meant to be, it’s just not meant to be.

Don’t deny it. You’ve probably experienced it before right? You’ve had that little voice at the back of your head telling you that this girl isn’t the right one for you; the one that says that your relationship is headed downhill and there’s just no stopping it. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. There are and there have been plenty of guys around the world who are just like you. They stick to a relationship with a certain girl even though they just know deep inside of them that it isn’t right; that there’s just something off with her. They will think that eventually things will start to correct themselves, but that is rarely ever the case.

If you are that kind of guy, then this article is perfect for you. You have to be able to recognize whenever things just aren’t going to work out between you and a particular someone. You can’t force the issue. You have to be able to spot the red flags early in the relationship and then you have to make a decision about what you want to do with your life. Would you rather be miserable in a relationship with someone you’re not really compatible with? Or would you want to just be mature about it and walk away from this doomed romance?

Here are a few signs that the girl you’re with is the wrong one for you.

1. She is always nagging about you to your face.

It’s as if every word that comes out of her mouth is a complaint about you. She is always nagging about you and the worst part is that you are also her only audience. It’s you who has to bear all the criticisms about yourself. There’s no one else you can turn to and it’s frustrating the hell out of you.

2. She doesn’t like talking about the future with you.

She’s not really willing to discuss her future plans with you because she’s really not sure she sees you in her future at all. She’s insecure about your relationship or she just really isn’t willing to commit to you. Perhaps she sees your relationship as something that is more casual in nature.

3. She never trusts you to go out without her.

She doesn’t trust you. She doesn’t respect you enough to allow you your own time to have fun if it means that she can’t be there with you. She doesn’t trust you to be able to make mature decisions on your own. She sees you as some kind of child that she has to micromanage all the time.

4. She is always looking for a way to start an argument with you.

She’s always looking to pick a fight with you. It’s as if she’s just a perpetually angry person and she always looks to treat you as an emotional punching bag. She always wants to vent about you right to your face and it can be a struggle for you to deal with a lot of the time.

5. She tells her friends about the intimate details of your relationship.

She has no respect at all for the intimacies of your relationship. She will willingly broadcast the ins and outs of your relationship to your friends. It doesn’t matter how personal these details are to you, she doesn’t really care about how you will feel about her blabbering mouth. – Continue reading on the next page

6. She doesn’t respect your privacy or your boundaries.

She is always asking to check your phone’s text messages. She’s going to log in to your social media accounts to check up on the people you’ve been talking to. She isn’t going to respect your needs for privacy and the boundaries that you set for the relationship. She doesn’t have any respect for your own individuality.

7. She verbally abuses you.

You are always the constant subject of her verbal abuse. She demeans you and belittles you to the point where you no longer feel confident about yourself. She wants to destroy your sense of self-worth so that you end up feeling broken and needy.

8. She makes you choose between her and your friends.

She loves to give you ultimatums. She doesn’t want you to have a life outside of your relationship. She always makes you choose between her and your friends. Sometimes, when she’s crazy enough, she will even have the gall to put you on the spot and make you choose between your relationship and your career.

9. She still flirts with other guys.

She has no respect for the commitment that she’s made to you. She doesn’t really care about your feelings. She is going to act on her own accord and have all the fun that she wants regardless of how her actions make you feel. Yes, it can hurt to see her flirting with other men, but she’s going to do it anyway.

10. She doesn’t support your goals and dreams.

Your significant other should be your number one supporter in life. She should always be pushing you towards your goals. She should always be encouraging you to pursue your dreams. She can’t be serving as some sort of obstacle or hurdle that you have to overcome.

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