10 Signs that tell you she is the one

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You’ve been going out for quite a while now and things have been going really well. You get along well with each other despite all the differences between the two of you. You want to make it official but there are so many things you’re uncertain about. You’re not sure if it’s too soon or should you give it more time. You don’t know if she is ready yet. Most importantly, you have doubts about it working out and dread getting hurt yourself or hurting her in the process. These fears go away when you know she’s THE ONE. Because then you’d give everything to make it work and never back out regardless of how harsh circumstances become.

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Following are a few of the many signs that assure you that she is in fact the one;

  1. You only have eyes for her

She may seem ordinary to the whole world, but to you she is the most attractive girl you’ve ever met. You’re never distracted by any other women. Even in a room full of women, your eyes only search for your girl. You don’t feel like you’d miss out on anything even if she’s the only one you’ll ever be with.

  1. She’s the reason behind your smile

Whenever you take a moment to think of her, even when you’re occupied, you can’t help but smile. All you can think about is how exceptionally amazing she is in so many ways, how she makes you laugh and how lucky you are to have her. And how she makes you feel special just by looking at you.

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  1. She accepts you for who you are

She embraces you, not just the good parts but the whole of you. She not only tells you that you’re perfect the way you are, but also proves it in her own way. The parts of you that you were once afraid of even showing to her are acceptable to her. Not only that, but she also helps you deal with your fears. She reassures you that all your flaws fall perfectly together to make you who you are and that they are nothing to be ashamed of.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. You have her unconditional support

When you look back at the things you’ve been through in your life while in a relationship with her, you cannot think of a single incident in which she hasn’t supported you in any way or hasn’t helped you get past it. Even when you were about to give up, she was the one pushing you. She has been your strength all along. She believes in you, even when you fail to believe in yourself.

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  1. You think she is perfect!

There isn’t a thing you’d want to change about her, even the things she thinks are imperfections. The way she smiles, the way she talks, how she holds you and how she blushes when you compliment her, every little thing about her spells out perfect for you.

  1. You see her in your future

When you talk about your future, you talk about the two of you being together. You can’t imagine any scenario without her being present in it. You even make plans with her. She’s the one you want to share everything with, now and in the foreseeable future.

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  1. She compromises

There are times when a person is not at their best and they fail to do things the way they normally would. When you’re going through such a period and fall short of being a good partner, instead of complaining she proves to be understanding of your situation. She doesn’t make you feel bad about it, rather helps you in whatever ways she can.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. She gives you space

She doesn’t make you feel like you owe it to her to spend every waking moment with her just because the two of you are together. She respects the fact that you need your space as much as she needs hers. She acknowledges the fact that you have a life outside of the relationship and is accepting of that.

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  1. Your efforts never go unnoticed

We all express our affection very differently. Maybe because it has a lot to do with the kind of person you are and the kind of person you’re with. Keeping this in mind, you try to do things for her every now and then, even things you’re not comfortable with. She not only acknowledges every little thing you do for her but also appreciates it.

  1. Not only do you love her, but so does your family

This part is a bit difficult and tricky. Getting your family to like her and accept her is never easy. It depends on how you present her and more importantly on how she treats your family. If she is able to win them over, for your sake, then there is no doubt about her being the one.

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Like I sated earlier, these are just a few things among so many others. If she makes an effort to get along with your friends, keeps up with all that is happening in your life, tries to take an interest in the things that you like and puts up with you even when you’re being difficult, then she’s definitely worth keeping. If you’re crazy enough about her to look past all the hardships you might have to face to be with her then you’ve clearly made your choice, she’s the one!