10 Signs That There Is A Lack Of Trust In Your Relationship

Is there a lack of trust?

Your partner claims to trust you. They tell you that they trust you but somehow, you never get to feel that that trust manifests itself in the form of actions. You always feel like you have someone who is constantly looking over your shoulder and micromanaging your every move. Your partner can tell you that they trust you even though they don’t really mean it. This is troubling because you know that trust is very important in all relationships. You need to be with someone who genuinely trusts and respects you; someone who doesn’t treat you like some sort of child who constantly needs to be supervised and watched. So how do you know for sure that your partner doesn’t trust you so much? Well, here are a few signs: 

1. They shower you with a suffocating amount of attention.

Getting showered with attention by your partner is always a good sign in a relationship unless when it’s done excessively. Remember that in relationships, moderation is always key. There is always the possibility of running the risk of giving too much of a good thing. If your partner is constantly showering you with attention to the point where it suffocates you, then it might be a sign that they really want to micromanage every aspect of your life.

2. They blatantly have a dislike for all of your friends.

They hate the group of people that you choose to surround yourself with. They don’t trust your friends to be a good influence on you. They also don’t trust you to be on good behavior because of your choice of company. They don’t trust your capacities to judge the people you choose to associate yourself with.

3. They constantly accuse you of being dishonest.

They don’t trust you enough to believe that you actually tell them the truth most of the time. They always believe that you are constantly lying to them because they don’t’ trust you to be an honest human being. It’s difficult to sustain a relationship especially when the two people involved are constantly thinking that they are habitually lying to one another about everything.

4. They are always monitoring your social media activities.

They practically stalk you on social media; which is weird because you’re already in a relationship together. They monitor your likes, your comments, and your friend list. They want to know everything that happens to you online because they don’t really trust you all too much.

5. They get really upset whenever you choose to go out without them.

They want to be constantly around you because they feel like it’s the only effective way for them to really keep an eye on you. They don’t want to be missing out on anything because they fear that they won’t get to monitor your behavior.

6. They try to take ownership of all of your time.

It’s normal for two people to give up their sense of individual time whenever they get into a relationship with one another. They have to be able to make compromises and adjustments with how they spend their time in order to cater and accommodate the needs of the relationship. However, it would be totally unhealthy for people in relationships to actually devote all of their time to their partners. So if you find that your partner seemingly wants to take control of all of your time, it might be because they want to monopolize your attention.

7. Your phone is constantly abuzz whenever you’re not together.

Consistent communication is always a good thing in a relationship. But constant communication isn’t. There’s a difference. When you’re consistently communicating with one another, then you are essentially establishing some sort of system for you both to open up to one another. But if you’re CONSTANTLY communicating, then you aren’t really giving one another the space to find perspective elsewhere in life.

8. They always ask you a million questions before you head somewhere.

It’s like an all-out interrogation and interview if you inform them that you’re heading somewhere. It doesn’t matter where you’re going or who you’re with. They will want to ask you a million questions beforehand regardless if it’s a business trip or a night out on the town with your best mates. They will want to know every single aspect so that they can really keep tabs on you.

9. They go through your items without asking your permission.

They will browse through your phone. They will go through your diary. They’ll take a peek at your recent emails. They never feel like you give them the full picture, and so they feel the need to do some snooping in order to really put their minds at ease about you being honest with them.

10. They disagree with whatever decisions you might make in life.

They automatically shoot down whatever resolutions or decisions you may come to in life because they don’t trust you to make the right one. They see you as a toddler who is virtually incapable of coming to a sound and logical decision. They will shoot down whatever opinion that you have and they will dismiss your reasoning as if your opinion is irrelevant.

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