10 Signs That You Are The Emotionally Abusive Partner In The Relationship

Whenever the term “abuse” is mentioned in the context of a relationship, people mostly jump to thoughts of physical or sexual abuse. And there’s a reason for that. Modern media always tends to exclusively highlight these forms of abuse. That’s fine. However, it places another serious form of abuse in the background – and that’s emotional abuse.

And that can be weird. Because experts and researches can conclude that emotional abuse might actually be the most common form of abuse in the world. In addition to that, emotional abuse is likely to go unaddressed or uncorrected. And that can be potentially deadly to a person’s emotional state of being. Abuse wears many different faces and it’s always important that we are able to shed a light on all of them.

There are many signs out there that can help you know if you happen to be a victim of emotional abuse in a relationship. A lot of the time, victims don’t really notice that they are being victimized in emotionally abusive relationships. However, have you ever considered the possibility that you are actually the emotional abuser in your own relationship? Don’t be surprised. There are so many people who lack the general self-awareness that they need to know when they are causing serious emotional harm to the people they are in relationships with.

That is why you always need to be checking yourself in your relationship. If you notice that a lot of the things in this article actually apply to you, it’s likely that you are the emotional abuser in your relationship. And when that’s the case, you need to make a drastic change.

1. Your partner does everything to please you.

It’s only natural for you to want a partner who is going to do everything to please you. However, you know that it’s a problem when your partner actually starts compromising her own needs and her own well-being just to cater to yours. Self-deprecation shouldn’t be welcome in love.

2. Your partner has self-esteem issues.

Whenever someone gets into a relationship, they should never feel insecure or unsafe because of that relationship. That is why you should be troubled whenever your partner is dealing with certain self-esteem issues. It shows that she isn’t confident in herself and you probably have a lot to do with it.

3. Your partner is less than satisfied with your sex life.

Sex is great – however, it’s not always going to be great for all parties involved. You don’t have a happy or healthy sex life if it’s only you who is enjoying it. You should always be making sure that your partner is happy with your sexual performance as well.

4. You have a tendency to walk away from arguments.

You should never be so willing to just walk away from arguments. You might think that you are walking away from a fight. You might think that you are walking away from drama. And you might think that that is a good thing for your relationship. However, what you’re really doing is that you’re letting your partner know that you’re not willing to hear her out and listen to what she wants to say.

5. You tell your girl that she is crazy a lot.

You always try to make it seem like she’s crazy. Whenever she tries to confront you about something or if she brings up a problem, you just brush it off. You make it seem like she’s talking nonsense and that her thoughts and opinions are just plainly invalid.

6. You have trouble relinquishing control in your relationship.

You always feel the need to be in control of your relationship. You always want to be calling all the shots. You always want to be making all the decisions. You never make your partner feel like she has a real voice. You don’t make her feel like she has a say in anything.

7. You don’t really apologize to your girl.

You aren’t perfect. And if you don’t know that already by now, then you’re definitely a part of the problem. You screw up every now and then. However, you don’t really apologize to your girl. And that’s not good. You’re making her feel like she’s not even worthy of an apology.

8. You avoid taking responsibility in your relationship.

You don’t really own up to the faults that you have in your relationship. You don’t take responsibility for your actions. And what ends up happening is that she has to pick up after your slack.

9. You act differently when you’re out in public than when it’s just the two of you.

You don’t really give your partner a sense of consistency or stability. You really stress her out by having dual personalities. You act differently when you’re out in public than when you’re just together.

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