10 Signs That You Have A Horrible Boyfriend

Stay away from bad boyfriends.

Not all people are lucky enough to get love right the first time they try it. A lot of ladies will have to go through the hardships of dealing with relationships that just aren’t right for them. And a lot of times, these relationships are just the result of compatibility issues. There will be times wherein a girl just won’t mesh well with a guy just because he’s a pure douchebag who isn’t mature enough to be in a proper relationship with anyone. Some women will be so unlucky as to not realize it early on in the relationship. They will be blinded by what they think is love for their man, and they won’t end up seeing just how colossally destructive his behavior is. 

That’s why you can never afford to let your emotions get the best of you. You can’t let your feelings blind you from the truth. You must always maintain a good sense of self-awareness in the relationship. You must always be looking out for your own well-being. You can’t afford to let yourself get stuck in a relationship that is destroying your soul and breaking your heart. You deserve to be in a love affair that actually makes you happy.

Stay away from bad boyfriends. You will know them when you see them just as long as you keep in mind the things that you should be looking out for. Here are some blatant red flags that the guy that you’re dating is just absolute trash.

1. He doesn’t allow you to have male friends.

He just doesn’t trust you on how you choose to spend your time with your male friends. He wants to be the only dominant male force in your life. He doesn’t really want you to be entertaining other guys even if the relationships are purely innocent and friendly. He wants to box you in and keep you all to himself as if you were a possession of his. 

2. He doesn’t let you spend time with anyone when he’s not around.

In fact, he doesn’t trust you on how you choose to spend your time in general. When you want to have a night out with the girls, he is going to want to be there. He is clingy and he always wants you to be around him. He has a major fear of missing out and he doesn’t allow you to live your own life unless it means it’s with him. 

3. He snoops through your phone.

He has major trust issues and he even goes through your cellphone to help appease his worries. He constantly thinks that you’re pulling off some shady moves behind his back and he’s looking to get to the bottom of it. He probably thinks that you’re acting shady because he’s most likely doing it to you as well. 

4. He demeans you about your appearance.

He always tries to make you feel bad and lower your self-esteem. He wants you to believe your own worthlessness just so you will end up having to depend on him. He wants you to think that only his opinion matters and your feelings are immaterial. That’s why he’s constantly going to make fun of you for your clothing choices, your weight, and your overall aesthetic presence. 

5. He deflects his insecurities unto you.

He’s going to blame you for all of his failures. He knows that there isn’t a lot of good things going on for him in his life and so he’s going to resort to blaming you. He’s going to use you as a scapegoat for all of his shortcomings. – Continue reading on the next page

6. He never expresses his gratitude for you. 

The words thank you will never come out of his mouth. No matter how much you do for him and for the relationship, he’s just never going to thank you for it. He’s always going to take you for granted and he will never make you feel appreciated. 

7. He is deeply conceited.

He always thinks just about himself. He thinks that the entire world revolves around him and that everyone should bend at his will. He hates it whenever you contradict him or whenever you make him compromise. He thinks that it’s only right that everyone else should adjust to his needs. 

8. He doesn’t show that he’s happy for you when you succeed.

He doesn’t really care much about your happiness. It just goes to show how little he thinks of you and how selfish he really is. He doesn’t care about whether you fail or you succeed just as long as he’s the one who’s happy in the relationship. 

9. He doesn’t open himself up to you.

He always closes himself off. He acts very cold and distant. He doesn’t like allowing himself to be vulnerable in front of you. He sees it as a sign of weakness whenever a person opens up emotionally. He wants to shut you out from his life because he doesn’t trust you enough to be able to handle his vulnerabilities.

10. He refuses to grow up.

He’s an immature little man-child who thinks he’s old enough to handle a relationship even when he really isn’t. He has quite some growing up to do and you have to decide if you want to stick around and wait for him to do so. 

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