10 Signs That You Have A Very Tired Soul

We are all vulnerable. As human beings, we can’t always be as invincible as we would like to be. When we go through some periods in life that leave us feeling emotionally and mentally drained, our souls can fall into a kind of deep sleep that may feel like depression. You have to remember that your life is composed of both your physical body and your soul.

The same way that you need to give your body some rest every once in a while, you need to be able to do the same for your soul as well. When your soul decides to go into a kind of deep sleep, it can be very hard for you to find the motivation to do anything. You might have the mental fortitude that enables you to toughen up during the hard times.

But when your soul goes into a deep rest, it can be very difficult to stay positive and optimistic. It’s more likely that you’re going to feel somewhat empty, pessimistic, and down.

The reason that this is the case is that souls also need time to heal once they’ve been broken. You can’t just be pushing your spirits forward without being mindful of the pace that you’re forcing it to go through. Granted, you don’t see your soul. It’s not necessarily a visible entity.

You won’t be able to tell through an x-ray whether your soul is broken or fractured. There won’t be any visual physical wounds that you would be able to bandage up. However, that doesn’t mean that your soul is any less important than the physical parts of your body. You should always be treating your soul with absolute love and care. You never want to be taking it for granted. You never want to be pushing it beyond your limits.

If you continue to let things play out the way that they are, then you risk causing some very serious permanent damage. You risk developing some very serious mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and others. If you notice that any of these signs are actually applicable to your life at the moment, then perhaps you need to shift down to a lower gear. Perhaps it might even be best for you to seek help from a licensed professional on the matter.

  1. All throughout the day, all you ever really want to do is lie down. You just find yourself wanting to rest even though you’ve already had enough sleep. In theory, you aren’t really doing anything that is physically exhausting. But your soul is very much tired and it needs some time off.

2. Sometimes, the tiredness in your soul can be manifested in the form of physical pains throughout your body. For instance, you might feel some occasional tension in your muscles. You might experience light headaches. You might get upset tummies or impaired vision as well.

3. Whenever someone asks you about how you feel, you never really know how to answer them because you’re not really sure about how you feel either. You know that there is something complex and complicated that is churning up inside of you but you can’t seem to make sense of any of it.

4. You often find yourself feeling disoriented because your brain is just operating out of sync. You don’t feel like you have yourself fully together and you’re acting absent-mindedly a lot. You just can’t seem to stabilize your own mind long enough for it to focus on a specific task.

5. You get the sense that your feelings are a lot more intense now than they usually are. You feel very weighed down by your own emotions and it’s only adding to the exhaustion and the stress that you’re already feeling right now.

6. You sometimes have battles with mild panic attacks and spells of anxiety. You can’t seem to get your mind straight. It’s always gravitating towards negativity and it’s really eating away at you.

7. No matter how many people you might be surrounded by, you always get a sense of loneliness and solitude. You always feel like you are alone even though you have the opportunity to reach out to so many different people.

8. You tend to drift towards bitter, negative, and angry thoughts even though you typically have a very upbeat and positive attitude. The cynical side of your personality seems to be taking over in a grand manner.

9. Your body just feels incredibly weak and exhausted. Even the slightest movement is enough to make you feel like you’ve just run a marathon with your bare feet.

10. You always feel uncertain, anxious, scared, and uneasy about the future. You aren’t really excited at the idea of seeing what tomorrow is going to bring into your life.

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