10 Signs That You Have The Best Boyfriend In The World

Sometimes, you’re just going to need a reminder that you are in a great relationship with a great guy. There are so many people in relationships who fall into the trap of taking their partners for granted just because things are getting really stable. You never want that to happen to you.

Just because you are confident in your relationship doesn’t give you an excuse to slack off. Just because things are really stable in your relationship doesn’t mean that you should cease to take notice of all the things that you need to be paying attention to. You must always be showing gratitude and appreciation for everything that your boyfriend has to offer. That means you must always make it a point to take notice of the fact that you’ve got the best boyfriend ever.

If you fail to give him validation for his efforts in your relationship, then that could spell potential doom for your relationship. Don’t take him for granted. Don’t be complacent.

Here are 10 signs that you happen to have the best boyfriend in the whole world.

  1. He doesn’t really mind whenever you want to spend time with your friends or other people. Whenever you express a desire to go out without him, he supports you. He doesn’t guilt you. H makes you feel like you are just free to hang out with whoever you want. He shows you the trust and respect that you are deserving of in your relationship.

2. He lets you wear whatever the hell you want because he respects your rights to express yourself however you see fit. If you choose to wear skimpy clothes, he won’t get mad at you. If you choose to cover yourself up, he won’t shame you for being a prude. He lets you be who you want to be in the form of the clothes you want to wear.

3. Even though he hates getting into fights with you, he never walks away from an argument with you. He doesn’t just storm off in the middle of a conversation. He doesn’t act disrespectfully to you in any way. He always tries to voice out his opinion in a mature and honest manner. And he also tries to make you feel safe in letting out whatever is in your heart as well.

4. He always makes sure to treat your batch of friends as if they were his own. He is going to want to fully immerse himself in your life in whatever capacity he can. He wants to get to know you in the best way possible. And he understands that that involves him making an effort to get to know the important people in your life. He also tries his best to be accepted into your social circle.

5. He doesn’t condescend you about the things that you are interested in or are passionate about. He might not always share the same taste in books or movies as you but he always encourages you to be your own person. He never judges you for being or acting a certain way. He always acts supportive of you in your pursuit of the things that you are most passionate about.

6. He really puts in actual effort into your relationships. Even something as simple as texting you right when he wakes up just to let you know that he’s thinking about you doesn’t seem to escape him. He never sees himself as above putting in the effort with you. He always wants you to know that he’s going to do whatever he can to keep you in his life.

7. He makes you feel like you are an integral aspect of his life. He is never going to diminish the value that you bring into his life. He’s always going to make you feel like you are a priority. Whenever it comes to dedicating time to you, he’s never going to make you feel left out. He will never make you doubt just how important you really are to him.

8. He is humble enough to acknowledge that he is a boyfriend who is less than perfect. He doesn’t see himself as someone who is above asking for forgiveness. He apologizes to you whenever he screws up and he always tries his best to learn from his mistakes so that he never makes them again.

9. He never forces you into doing something that you might be uncomfortable with. He never pressures you to move at a pace that doesn’t make you feel comfortable. He is always going to be respectful of the boundaries that you set for him in your relationship. He will never treat you like some kind of object for his pleasure.

10. He always expresses seriousness in having a future with you. He doesn’t shy away from talking about the future with you because he’s excited at the idea of being able to share the rest of his life with you.

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