10 Signs That You Should Leave Him Because He’s Not Sure About Staying With You

If they’re not sure about you, just leave.

1. He tells you that he has fun with you but

A couple of hours after you separate from your date, he immediately texts you telling you that he had a really fun time with you. That’s good, right? Not necessarily. Did he mention wanting a second date? He didn’t? Then what’s the point of telling you that he had fun with you? That’s where the inconsistencies are just telling you that it’s better for you to just quit while you’re ahead.

2. He’s taking his time too much of it.

You’ve been on a few dates by now. You’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. You’ve pretty much covered all the basis at this point. You think that you both enjoy each other’s company and you’ve developed some sort of consistent routine already. But he still hasn’t made any comments about locking you down and being exclusive with you. Be careful that he’s only looking to keep you on a leash.

3. He hasn’t changed his relationship status on Facebook yet.

Well, let’s face it. Social media plays a huge role in modern relationships. It’s the way of the world. And those who fail to adapt will also fail to keep up. IT’s understandable if he’s just not totally the social media kind of guy. But is it really too much to ask for a relationship status change? It won’t look good when you keep on telling people that you’re together but his Facebook profile just happens to say otherwise.

4. He doesn’t try to make the extra effort with you.

Of course, you’re not actually expecting him to act like a slave who would wait on you from head to foot. But you still expect him to give a little extra effort into your relationships. You want him to act like he has to earn your love. You don’t want him to think that he’s entitled to your affections just because he is who he is. And if he fails to put in the work, then he really shouldn’t be deserving of your love in any capacity at all.

5. He acts hot and cold with you.

He is deeply inconsistent with how he acts with you and you can never feel like you can depend on him. There are stretches where he acts like the most amazing guy you could ever meet and then there will be times where he treats you like a complete stranger. He fails to give you the kind of consistency and stability that you are known to look for in your relationships.

6. He acts too mysterious to a fault.

A little mystery is always sexy at first. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with details and information about your man in one sitting. You want to treat it like a marathon as opposed to a sprint. You want to take your time. But it seems like he’s taking too much time. Instead of gradually opening up to you as you get deeper into your relationship, he still maintains his air of mystery.

7. He gets totally distracted when you’re on dates.

You should always want to be with a man who is fully attentive. If you find that he’s emotionally some place else even though physically, he’s sitting right across from you, then you know that he’s not invested in your relationship. There are other matters that plague his mind matters that he finds more important. And you shouldn’t want to be with a guy who refuses to focus on being with you.

8. He skirts around labels when talking to you.

He doesn’t ask you out on ˜dates’. Instead, he only asks you if you want to ˜hang out’. It means that he wants the joy of your company, but not the responsibility of actually being in a relationship with you.

9. He is very cynical about love.

Every time you try to get him to say or do something cheesy, he will scoff at you. He thinks that romantic movies and love stories are a waste of time. He considers it corny to be helplessly in love. Well, if he really feels that way, what makes you think that you are ever going to be able to find love with this person anyway?

10. He acts too normal when he’s around you.

You shouldn’t want to be with a man who is constantly acting normal around you. Normal is boring. Normal is how you would act when you’re in the presence of strangers. But when you fall in love, you have to allow yourself to be a goof ball. You can let yourself be silly in front of the person you love. But if he’s constantly being uptight with you, then its probably because he’s not really comfortable with just being his true self with you. And it’s up to you whether you still want to wait for the real him to show up.

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