10 Signs That Your Friend Wants To Be More Than Just Friends

We’re always going to need friends as we make our way through this world. As human beings, we are always social creatures at heart. We are all wired to crave for SOME sense of social interaction. Now the degrees of which can vary from person to person; but nevertheless, we are all social beings and we all need friends in our lives. However, there is also such a thing as romantic relationships – the kinds that transcend mere friendly connections and relations. You’ve probably fallen in love with a friend before – and that friend may or may not have fallen in love with you as well. But how can you tell when you have a friend who has fallen in love with you.

It’s always important for you to know whether your friend has fallen in love with you or not. For one, that friend could be your potential soulmate; the one that you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with. And everything might go unnoticed just because you failed to read the signs. Or even if the two of you aren’t meant to be together, it’s still important for you to know if your friend has fallen for you or not. You have to know because it’s important for you to set things straight with this friend about your feelings (or lack thereof). You can’t be leading this friend on. Put them out of their misery and just try to help them move on from you. You can’t be stringing them along while keeping their hopes up even though they practically have no chance at getting into a relationship with you ever.

And if you really lack that kind of awareness, then this article is going to be perfect for you. Here are 10 signs that your friend wants to be more than just friends:

1. He REALLY goes out of his way to help you.

Sure, a true friend is always going to try to be there for you whenever possible. However, a guy who is in love with you is going to put his whole life on hold just to serve you. He would willingly compromise his own needs for your own comfort.

2. He buys you presents for no real reason.

A regular “friend” would never be buying you random presents for no real reason on a consistent basis. Heck, even real friends wouldn’t be giving you gifts on special occasions so religiously. You can bet he has romantic feelings for you with the way he’s trying to shower you with presents.

3. He accompanies you while shopping.

No guy actually EVER goes shopping with a girl unless he’s already in a relationship with her; or if he’s TRYING to be. And obviously, since he’s exhibiting so much patience by being your personal shopping assistant, he definitely wants to be your boyfriend.

4. He demeans and undersells other guys when he’s talking to you.

He never wants you to find favor in any other guys. He is always trying to prop himself up in your eyes. He’s always trying to make it seem like he’s the best male prospect for any potential relationship you might have.

5. He seems to ALWAYS be available for you.

It’s as if he doesn’t really have a life outside of you. Whenever you call him asking him if he wants to hang out, he’s ALWAYS available. He never seems to have anything else going on. And that’s probably because he drops everything else just to be with you.

6. He texts you whenever he gets drunk.

You are his go-to text recipient when he’s drunk. Remember that drunken behavior is sober thoughts.

7. He says sorry even when he hasn’t really done anything wrong.

He is always so desperate to win your favor and stay on your good side that he’s always apologizing for things even when there really isn’t any need to. He’s constantly saying sorry even though he hasn’t committed any wrongdoing towards you.

8. He doesn’t really talk about other girls with you…

Whenever you try to introduce him to a girl for a date, he automatically declines. He never seems interested in any girls other than you.

9. … unless he’s obviously trying to make you jealous.

… unless he is able to use these girls to make you jealous. He would only ever really talk about other girls as a ploy to make it seem like he’s genuinely wanted and that you might be missing out if you don’t get with him.

10. He tells you that he loves you.

And finally, the most obvious sign that he loves you is that he actually tells you that he loves you. If he’s admitting these words to you, then you can probably trust them to be real – especially if he’s a true friend of yours.

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