10 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is The Absolute Greatest

Sometimes, you’re just going to need a good old reminder that the woman that you’re with is definitely worth keeping. It can be very easy to take a person you love for granted especially when you become more and more comfortable with one another. And you never want that to be the case. If you’ve got an amazing girlfriend, you always want to be doing everything in your power to keep her in your life. You never want to be doing anything that might jeopardize your relationship – including taking her for granted.

If a lot of the things listed here apply to your girl, then you’ve definitely got someone who is worth holding on to:

1. She shows up for you whenever you need her.

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You know that you can always count on her to be there for you. Regardless of whether you’re at your best or your absolute worst, she’s going to be there for you consistently and constantly. You know that you have a girl who will never abandon you no matter what.

2. She always encourages you to go in pursuit of your dreams.

She never wants to serve as some kind of hurdle that you need to overcome as you go in pursuit of your dreams. She always encourages you to go after your dreams even though you’re in a relationship with one another.

3. She really makes time for you and the relationship.

She really goes out of her way to make sure that she prioritizes the relationship over other aspects of her life. She understands that the only way she would be able to make the relationship work is if she devotes some substantial time to it. She doesn’t shy away from the effort and commitment that it takes to make the relationship work.

4. She tries her best to make you happy.

She really does whatever she can to make you happy. It’s as if she makes it her sole mission to bring a lot of positive energy into your life. She never wants you to feel like you would never be able to rely on her to give you a sense of joy or happiness. She always wants you to be able to turn to her whenever you need an emotional pick-me-up.

5. She shows a willingness to compromise with you.

She understands that she can’t just be concerning herself with her own needs and desires if she’s going to be able to make a relationship work with you. She knows that she has to be willing to compromise if she’s going to accommodate you into her life. She knows that she has to be able to meet you halfway in times of disagreement.

6. She respects the privacy of your relationship.

She is never the type of woman who would go around telling friends about the most intimate and private aspects of your relationship. She understands that you really do trust her. And she would never want to do anything to betray that trust. She knows that there is always a safe space between the two of you for openness and honesty. And she respects the sanctity of that space.

7. She makes an effort to get your friends and family to like her.

She really tries her best to get your closest friends and family to like her. She knows just how important these people are to you. And he also knows how important it is to you that these people actually like her. That’s why she always makes an effort to let them see her in a positive light. She knows that this would make you happy.

8. She always stays mindful of your needs and feelings.

She is never one who acts selfishly in the relationship. She is never going to be one who only looks out for her own needs and her own desires. She’s always going to take you into consideration. She’s always going to make sure that your needs are being met and that your welfare is being tended to. She wants you to know that she’s got your back.

9. She allows you to be your own person.

She always lets you be your own person. She’s always going to encourage you to be who you are meant to be. She never pressures you into acting a certain way. She never makes you feel like you need to be anything other than who you already are. She always makes you feel loved and accepted for you and not just the idea of you.

10. She is strong and independent.

And of course, she’s a strong and independent woman. You know that she isn’t in a relationship with you because she needs to be. She’s in a relationship with you because she genuinely wants to be. It’s not about necessity. It’s not about coercion. It’s about her having feelings for you and actually owning up to those feelings.

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