10 Signs That Your Partner Just Takes You For Granted

When you’re in a relationship with someone who is genuinely into you, then you would never really doubt how he feels about you. He is always going to make an effort to get close to you and show you his affection. Naturally, all of the romantic stuff is going to come so organically to him. At the start of the relationship, it’s so easy for him to act like you’re the essential thing in his life. However, things can change quickly too.

In a relationship, you always aim to establish a sense of comfort and security with someone. Also, you want to make sure that there are stability and consistency between yourself and your partner. However, it can also get to a point wherein you become TOO comfortable with one another. And whenever that happens, the sense of urgency goes away. You both grow complacent in your relationship. Instead of putting in the effort, you stop caring entirely. And that’s when you begin to take each other for granted.

When you’re with your partner, you have to make sure that that isn’t the case between the two of you. Your partner must NEVER make you feel like you are being taken for granted. And if you notice that they’re starting to do so, you need to call them out on it. Air out your grievances. If you hold all of your ill feelings inside of you, then it could eat away at your emotional and mental stability.

How to Tell if He’s Taking You for Granted

It’s not always going to be so easy to tell if a guy is taking you for granted. It could get to the point wherein you love him so much that you become blind to everything that you should be seeing. However, that can be very unhealthy for two people in a relationship. It could lead you to a lot of ill feelings that, if left unresolved, could potentially break the two of you apart in a toxic way.

That’s why you need to be mindful of the many ways and signs that he might just be taking you for granted. And if you don’t know what those are, then just read this article in its entirety:

1. He doesn’t try to look good for you anymore.

Just because the two of you are already in a relationship together doesn’t mean that you stop looking good for one another. Of course, you should still be making an effort to look your best for your partner. Attraction should always play a significant role.

2. He stops planning dates with you.

Date night is always going to be important in a relationship. If he stops planning dates with you, then that’s bad. It means that the two of you aren’t deliberately spending time with one another anymore. Naturally, that’s sad for any couple.

3. He doesn’t make any romantic gestures for you.

Of course, he doesn’t have to act as they do in those Hollywood films all of the time. It takes the novelty out of being romantic if he has a gesture planned for you every single day. However, he still needs to make sure that he keeps the romance alive in the relationship.

4. He stops being kind to your friends.

When you’re in a relationship with a guy, he should always be making an effort to be helpful to your friends. After all, they are also essential people in your life.

5. He acts selfishly in the bedroom.

Intimacy should never be selfish in a relationship. If he doesn’t do the things that he needs to do to please you, he’s taking you for granted.

6. He forgets about important dates.

The important dates that you have in a relationship should never be forgotten. Birthdays, anniversaries, and the like should always be considered a priority by him.

7. He breaks promises and commitments.

When a man tells you that he’s going to do something, he should do it. Otherwise, it shows that he doesn’t care about disappointing you. Also, he’s breaking his trust with you if he doesn’t live up to what he says.

8. He spends more time with his friends.

He should still be making it a point to spend most of his time with you. It’s okay for him to have a social life outside of your relationship. However, you should still be a priority.

9. He lies to you.

It’s always a bad sign whenever you discover that the guy that you’re in a relationship with is lying to you. It’s a sign that he doesn’t respect you enough to tell you the truth about something. Also, it’s a violation of trust.

10. He stops talking to you.

And of course, you can tell that he’s taking you for granted when he stops talking to you altogether. When something important happens to him, he should always be telling you about it first. If he doesn’t, then that’s a bad sign.

  1. This is kind of sexist. Because as a man I’ve been taken for granted by more than one woman. And while some of these signs were there. Others didn’t have anything to do with it or were not even possible. Why do all these things always have to be about the man being the “bad guy”?

    1. Realest sh*t ever. I was annoyed as soon as I started reading it and it made it from a woman’s standpoint and it had to be about a man like no it doesn’t always work like that it is 2021 get a grip. Women are beyond toxic.

      1. Not all females are toxic, like not all men are. Stop acting like it’s being targeted at you. If you’re so butthurt, maybe there’s some truth in how you treat females …

        1. I don’t believe that he is “butthurt,” but rather bothered, as am I, how everything seems to point to how MEN are so toxic and bad . . . while, like HIM, I too have had more than MY fill of toxic women!!!!

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