10 Signs That Your Relationship Is Coming To An End

Not all love stories have happy endings.

Not all love stories have happy endings. Some love stories just aren’t lucky or strong enough to withstand the harsh realities of life. Because the truth of the matter is, life doesn’t always give us what we want. The perfect variables and parameters have to be set in order for our grandest expectations to be met. If we want that perfect kind of love that we find in movies and in books, then everything has to work out in very particular ways. However, life just doesn’t work like that and it doesn’t care about how you feel about it.

Relationships end sometimes. Love can fade. We all must understand these truths early on so we can brace for the emotional gravity of when these events do occur. We have to prepare ourselves for the possibility of harsh endings. Even if we play by the rules, things won’t always come out in our favor. So how do we prepare ourselves for unhappy endings? We have to be able to seek out the signs. We have to know that the end is near in order for us to brace for it. Here are the 10 signs that your relationship is coming to an end.

1. Your arguments are constant and repetitive.

It’s like there’s a broken record player in the house. You keep having the same pointless arguments over and over again, and no one ever wins. It’s a direct manifestation of all the unresolved issues that you may have with each other. Couples who are unable to resolve arguments are those who don’t know how to make effective use of communication.

2. You shield yourselves off from each other.

You avoid each other as often as you can. You start being withdrawn like a turtle in its shell. You don’t want to interact with one another anymore because there is a high probability that interaction will lead to another argument or hurt feelings. You think it’s best to just keep to your individual selves for the moment.

3. You stop doing activities that you used to love doing together.

When you first started out, it was absolute bliss and you seem to have forgotten what it was like. The things that you used to love doing together no longer have that spark. You no longer see dates as an opportunity to spend time together, but rather, as a chore that you have to fulfill as your role in the relationship.

4. You’re uncomfortable with being vulnerable or open with each other.

Relationships are built on healthy communication and openness. If you disallow yourself from being open to each other, then there’s really no point in continuing on in your relationship. You might as well be two strangers who are living together at the same time.

5. You start socializing with people outside of your relationship more and more.

There is a void in your life that your relationship partner is just unable to fill. You crave a social life beyond your relationship because your partner just hasn’t been enough for you lately. You want to hang out with your friends more and more and they’re doing much more to satiate your needs as a social animal.

6. You criticize each other over the same things often.

Just like your arguments, your criticisms are redundant and constant. You’re always ticking each other off with harsh criticisms and they’re the same things every single time. By now you’ve realized that things will never change and you’re perhaps considering putting yourself out of your own misery.

7. Your arguments evolve harshly and rapidly.

A little squabble about where you should be having dinner can evolve into deeper and harsher arguments really quickly. You find yourselves reopening deep and old wounds often because there are just too many unresolved issues between the both of you and you don’t know how else to deal with them.

8. Issues from previous relationships still linger around your current relationship.

Maybe you’ve been scarred by your previous relationship. Maybe your partner has unresolved demons left there by a former partner. This emotional baggage is just too heavy for the both of you to bear considering that you may have some unresolved issues of your own. Your relationship can’t possibly survive if you still carry the cross of a former bad relationship on your back.

9. You’ve developed an uncontainable sense of contempt for one another.

You still try to convince yourselves that you love one another because you don’t want to give in just yet. You know that your relationship is probably dying and it’s because there are too much hatred and contempt for each other underneath it all.

10. You assume the worst of each other.

You no longer bring the best out of each other; instead, you inspire the worst out of each other and that’s just not how relationships should ever be.

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  1. This is honestly heartbreaking to read this. I am going through everything in this post. We have one child together and each have one previous child. I am really lost in the relationship with him but I know I never want to be away from him and he does.

  2. I’m going through almost all of the signs and we have 2 kids together .. i know everything is dying and i don’t know what to do..

  3. I am in one year relationship with him and from 2 months he is changed like anything but still says I will marry you.he don’t call me much,abuses me,all the time with friends and says I am busy,and sleeps without telling me.we were used to sleep on call from one year,I am too much hurt that I cry daily.Even I am crying right now that he was online and I called him and he saud I am in deep sleep, I told him you was online just 2 mints ago and he said stop arguments and cut the cal.

  4. Hi
    I have a boyfriend which apparently is my neighbour and we have been dating for a year plus now…he constantly brings women to his apartment and he lies abt them and pretends nothing happens

  5. Yeap. In one now. Working my way out. Love isn’t enough. He is mean, time together is awful. We can’t communicate because it’s his way or no way. I just try to avoid him as much as possible. The relationship is one sided and I am exhausted.

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