10 Signs That You’re Still Clinging To A Relationship That You Need To Walk Away From

Save yourself and walk away.

1. You never get the validation or feeling of appreciation that you need from your partner.

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When you’re in a relationship with someone, you should never be so insecure so as to rely on your relationship to give your life and sense of self-worth all the validation that you need. But that doesn’t mean that your partner shouldn’t be making you feel appreciated either. Your partner should always make it a point to make sure that you are made to feel valued and appreciated in the relationship.

2. You have more arguments that you are emotionally capable of dealing with.

All relationships are going to have their fair share of arguments and disagreements every now and then. It’s only normal. We are all individual human beings after all and we each carry within ourselves our own personal worldviews. It’s only a matter of time before we come into conflict with someone about something. But the thing about relationships is that they shouldn’t always be having the same arguments over and over again. When couples are virtually incapable of coming to a compromise or resolving a particular argument, that may be due to an inherent incompatibility issue.

3. Your personal needs and expectations for the relationship are far from being met.

When you go into a relationship, you are always going to have your personal expectations and standards for the relationship. That’s normal behavior. In fact, it’s encouraged. You should always be communicating your expectations, boundaries, and standards to one another in the relationship to make sure that you are constantly making one another happy. If your needs aren’t being met, then that shows a lack of effort on the part of your partner.

4. You keep talking to one another about changing your ways but things always stay the same.

It’s a broken promise after every broken promise. One of you screws up, the other gets angry, you get into a fight, you say sorry, and then you promise to be better and then the cycle repeats itself. A healthy relationship is one that is constantly evolving and learning from its mistakes. If a relationship is incapable of keeping its promise to be better, then it’s a relationship doomed for failure.

5. You don’t know what to do to get your relationship back on the right track.

A lot of relationships go through substantial speed-bumps and woes. That’s normal. But what isn’t normal is when the people in the relationships don’t know the next steps to take to actually fix the problems that they have. Usually, a couple will always have an idea on how to fix whatever issues they may be experiencing. But once a couple feels completely lost, then the relationship is in grave danger.

6. You keep on giving so much of yourself to the relationship even though you don’t really get anything in return.

Part of being in a healthy relationship is balance. You must always be able to give just as much as you’re getting out of a relationship. Remember that a relationship is never a solo venture. You are investing yourself emotionally into an entity that you’re supposedly sharing with someone else. Any imbalance that might occur in the dynamics of the relationship could conclude in substantial dysfunction.

7. You are the only one who keeps on making compromises for the relationship.

Compromises are found in all strong and happy relationships. Granted, no one side could ever be as dominant as the other in a relationship. That’s why compromises are so important. The best relationships are always going to be built on a healthy give-and-take dynamic.

8. You develop resentment and bitterness for your partner and for the relationship.

One big sign that you’re still clinging to a relationship that you should just be letting go of is when you find yourself developing resentment and bitterness for your significant other. It’s normal to be frustrated or occasionally annoyed by your partner in some instances. But if it’s deep-seeded anger and bitterness that you feel for one another, then that’s another story entirely.

9. You have difficulty imagining a future for your relationship with your partner.

Part of wanting to fight for a long-term relationship is actually envisioning a future together with your partner. It’s being able to look at your own personal goals and making sure that they are able to reconcile well with the goals of your partner. But if you find that there is no proper future that both of you can share together, then the relationship is eventually headed to a dead end.

10. You both stop growing and developing as individuals because of the relationship.

A relationship doesn’t have to mean that you have to give up your sense of individuality and identity. In fact, your relationship should motivate and inspire you to actually become a better human being overall. If you feel like your relationship is keeping you from being a better human being, it’s a bad relationship to be in.

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  1. This is just what i needed to see. I’m going through this with my gf, well, ex as of a couple of days ago.. I feel like i compromise constantly and do things to suit her needs but i don’t feel i get that in return. Then something happened friday and i told her i needed her beforehand and she let me down, said she forgot, told me it wasnt fair to assume she could read my mind..then gave me some selfish apology.. I didnt assume anything; i literally told her ahead of time it was going to be a hard day for me and that i needed her.
    But im stuck here wishing i hadnt broken up with her, especially the way that i did.. And that makes me feel like an unlovable idiot in and of itself.

  2. She was in the wrong. If u came to her an told her u were going to need her on a difficult day an she “forgets”, that’s bs an u deserve better

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