10 Signs That You’ve Been Single For Quite A Long Time

Have you been single for too long?

To keep things real: living that single life is great. There’s really nothing to be ashamed about for being single. Of course, it’s perfectly normal for you to have those rare moments wherein you yearn to have that someone special with whom you can share your love. But for the most part, you’re happy. You know that you don’t have to let your status as a single person define your sense of self-worth. Your personal happiness isn’t tied to whether or not you’re in a relationship, and that’s a good thing. It means that you have plenty of things going on for you and that you’re practically owning life.

However, when you go too long without ever being in a relationship, there are some feelings that you just can’t seem to push down. Here are 12 signs that you’ve been single for quite a long time:

1. You aren’t particularly drawn to the idea of sharing your bed with anyone other than your pets or your phone.

Your bed is your personal space. It’s where you go after you’ve had a long and tiring day. It’s where you go to dream at night. It’s where you go for your mind and body to recover before you live to fight another day. It’s reserved for no one else but you and maybe your pets or your phone at this point.

2. You don’t put too much effort into making yourself look good anymore.

You used to be all about dressing up to your best abilities before you would head out. Even if you were just visiting the local grocery store, you used to always make it a point to make yourself presentable. Nowadays, you just want to be comfortable.

3. You just tune your friends out whenever they start nagging and complaining about their romantic life.

It’s like a broken record. They keep on talking about how problematic their lives have become because of their partners and relationships. You want to tell them to just shut up because you’re tired of listening to something that you can’ relate to. It makes it hard for you to empathize with them.

4. You just automatically think that it’s a waste of time for you to be meeting someone new.

You have been on far too many unsuccessful first dates for you to get enthusiastic at the thought of meeting someone new again. You know that things probably aren’t going to work out with this person either and so you would rather just not waste your time anymore.

5. Your friends and family have practically stopped asking you if you’re dating anyone at the moment.

They already know the answer. In fact, you’re probably thankful that they no longer ask you about your relationship status. You’re so tired of having to give them the same answer every time they ask and they’re probably tired of asking too. You’re just in a place now wherein you’ll just tell them should any new developments arise.

6. You no longer keep tabs on which of your friends are getting engaged or married.

You used to get really excited whenever your friends would start having relationship milestones with their significant others. You used to be happy for them and you would be excited at the thought of getting to experience something like that as well. But now, you don’t really care for all that hullaballoo.

7. You would be more excited at the thought of going home to your pets than going out on a first date.

You’ve grown to really dislike first dates. They’re awkward and they often feel very forced and unnatural. It’s especially disconcerting when you’re unlucky enough to find yourself on a first date with an absolute douchebag.

8. You’ve grown accustomed to living a life without having to make any compromises.

You know that getting into a relationship with someone means that you’re going to have to make a few compromises and sacrifices for the sake of your partner. But since you’ve been single for so long, you’ve gotten used to being selfish and just purely thinking about your own well-being. You don’t want to have to give that lifestyle up anytime soon.

9. You scoff whenever you see couples engaging in PDA.

Nothing disgusts you more than seeing couples holding hands while walking on the street. You would just want to gag every time you see a couple sitting on a park bench just staring longingly into each other’s eyes. You’re not having any of it.

10. You’ve stopped fantasizing about what it would be like to meet the one.

You used to really buy into the whole fairy tale fantasy situation. You used to imagine yourself meeting the one and getting swept off your feet. You used to imagine how it would be to have butterflies in your stomach. But now, those thoughts don’t even cross your mind anymore.

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