10 Signs That You’ve Found The Woman Of Your Dreams

Admit it. As a guy, you’re deathly guilty of indecision. It’s no secret that men tend to struggle with their feelings a lot more than women do. And there’s a good reason for that. You’re a guy and you think that feelings are for the weak. It has always be perpetuated by society that man shouldn’t be emotional; that somehow masculinity is always tied to being unemotional. And as a result, a lot of men will be too afraid of confronting how they really feel on the inside. And with that fear, they never really get a good grasp of what their emotions are; and how they’re supposed to act on them.

This can be especially troubling when men fall in love. They fall into deep relationships with women without really fully appreciating the beauty of their emotions because they are too afraid to confront how they really feel. And as a result, it can take a while before a man takes action; before a man decides that it’s time to take things to the next level in a relationship. And that can be potentially troubling for you as a guy because you risk making your girl wait too long – and you end up losing her in the process.

So if you’ve got a good girl with you, then make sure that you know what she looks like. It’s important that you are able to show her the appreciation and gratitude that she deserves for who she is; for how she fits into your life. And if you fail to do that, you are definitely going to lose her. And if you’re feeling lost, then that’s okay. That’s what this article is for. If you find that a lot of things apply to you and your girl, then you’ve definitely found the girl of your dreams. And you need to fight like hell to keep her in your life.

1. You feel a sense of ease when you’re with her.

You always feel like you can just chill out whenever you’re with her. She has such a calming effect on your life. It’s as if she’s capable of just easing all of the tensions in your life with her mere presence.

2. You are able to draw strength from her.

She gives you energy. She gives you strength. Whenever you are feeling down, she is the one who is able to lift you up. She really pushes and encourages you to keep moving forward even when it’s most difficult to do so.

3. You put her needs above your own.

She has made you completely selfless. With her, you now understand what it means to value another human life over your own. You have now discovered the true meaning of falling in love with someone.

4. You feel naturally drawn to her mind.

You are so curious about her. You always find her so interesting. You never find yourself tuning her out. You are always so willing to just hear her thoughts and opinions on everything; because they really do matter to you.

5. You find yourself thinking of her a lot when you’re not together.

Your mind just naturally wanders to thoughts of her. It’s obvious that she has taken up substantial space in your mind. She is practically taking over your senses because of how smitten you are by her.

6. You are no longer interested in exploring your options.

You aren’t interested in seeking other girls out anymore. You know that the girl you’re with is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. You know you wouldn’t be missing out on anything if you choose to commit to her.

7. You don’t feel pressured to be a certain way when you’re with her.

You always find it so easy to just be yourself around her because she makes it easy for you. She never makes you feel like she’s judging you for being who you are. She never acts as if she’s above you when you act a certain way.

8. You know that she would never leave you even when you’re at your worst.

She knows that you have your good days and your bad days; and you know that she’s going to love you regardless of what kind of day you’re having. You can always rely on her to be there. You never have to worry about her just not showing up for you.

9. You find immense joy in being able to wake up beside her.

You are so happy whenever you get to start the day by seeing her face. It’s as if you get a great big boost; the courage to face the day.

10. You love her more than anyone else in the world.

And if you love her more than you could possibly love another person, then that’s a great sign that she’s probably the one you’re meant to be with.

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