10 Signs They Don’t Care About You Anymore

Some relationships are pretty good-looking on the outside but hollow and broken on the inside.

Some relationships are pretty-looking but hollow in reality; some couples look great together but the chemistry and love are dead factors. Either one of the partners can single-handedly ruin the relationship without doing a lot and make it impossible for the relationship to go back to being normal. Noticeable lack of interest is the first thing to notice in a gradually staling relationship and there are signs of it to help you detect it and confront him/her at the right time. These are some of those signs.

  1. Their Phone Is Their Substitute:

They are almost always using their phone now, whether you are trying to talk to them or not. It is as if they are doing it to ignore you, to not have to listen to you, and to avoid having to reply to what you just said; it is like you don’t matter anymore. They take up this insulting behavior and it does not change even after you have confronted them about it.

  1. There Are No Fights To Fight:

Ups and downs mean that you are alive and there is life in you; a straight line, uniformity depicts death. When they stop caring about you and everything related to you, they stop objecting to things and agree to everything you have to say or do. It might feel good for some time but it just no good living with someone who stops noticing you and answers affirmative to every question of yours.

  1. It Is Always You:

It is not a good thing to always be the first one when it comes to making a move. When they stop caring about you and the relationship, you will feel like you are the only one trying to keep steady contact and there would be no relationship it you stop initiating everything. One can only clap with two hands; going for a hi-five and getting no response really hurts.

  1. He/She Doesn’t Even Try Anymore:

When in a relationship, we work on ourselves and our partners. We make an effort to look good and be a better person for them; when that stops happening in a relationship, it means that they see no point in trying. They are always seen in the sweatpants and don’t even bother dressing up nicely to be seen with you at a social event.

  1. Your Mistakes Are Not Cute Anymore:

Even if it has not been that long since you two hooked up and they start getting annoyed by the little things you do which they formerly found cute, it is a sign that they don’t care anymore. The same schedule you followed and the same habits you had are now met with different reactions that are not very pleasant. In short, your mistakes are not cute anymore.

  1. They Don’t Offer To Pay The Bill:

In a mutually handled relationship, there is sharing and there is a contribution. If you cannot afford the dinner one night, the other person offers to pay the bill and vice versa. When this offering and sharing stops happening, they have downright become rudely uncaring. You will always be the one to take care of everything and they won’t even be sorry about it.

  1. His/her Friends Cut You Off:

When your friend tells you that he/she is going to break up with his/her partner, you naturally start avoiding their partner because of the known distant future. If the same happens with you, if you guy’s/girl’s friends start avoiding you in addition to all the other signs, things are not going well. Chances are that you might get to know from one of the friends about the upcoming storm.

  1. You Don’t Know The Details Anymore:

You will realize one day how they don’t talk to you about their day anymore and how there are no gossip hours spent with them. They will seem to grow apart eventually even when they live with you and nothing you say or ask will change their behavior. It will painfully hit you one day that you are the same listener you were but there is nothing to listen to anymore.

  1. Less Sleeping Together:

If they are not interested as much as they used to be, they will either find reasons to not sleep with you or the sex won’t be the same. Emotions will start to vanish and it won’t feel like love-making; cuddling won’t be as comfortable and a number of kisses per day will be reduced. When there is no connection between the two people left, it is difficult to feel any forcefully.

  1. Not Jealous Anymore:

They won’t even look now when you make small talk with the cashier when the same guy/girl made them super jealous just weeks ago. Whatever you do is not their business anymore, as if they have logged out of their account and the ads to log back in again are only annoying them.

Fear of bluntly breaking your heart or absence of the will to do it can be the reasons why they are dragging the relationship when they have clearly stopped caring about it.

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