10 signs you and your partner are compatible

With your contrasting personalities come differences in opinions. You might not always see eye to eye when it comes to certain things. You may not even like the same things. But there is going to be some common ground as well. You may drive each other crazy, but love each other equally intensely as well. This isn’t characteristic to your relationship alone. So what really determines how compatible you are and if you two can actually have a happily ever after?

1. You have a few common interests

Your line of work, religious or political views, and many other things may be different, but at the same time, you must share common interests as well. Be it food, music, travelling or practically anything at all. Having something in common is essential to your relationship. You get to do stuff together, and spending time with each other only nurtures your bond. You get to know each other a little better and would always have something to talk about. Even if you’re running out of things that you could do together, you can always discover more of them.

2. You share the same principles

If you’ve religious differences, it’s better to assess early on in the relationship if you can actually coexist with such differences, without any arguments or discomfort. Both of you should be able to practice your beliefs without any objections from the other. You should be on the same page regarding the people in your life and the way you treat them. And how important things like honesty, integrity and truth are to the both of you. Neither of you should have to compromise on the things you hold reverent. If you can gracefully accept the differences and appreciate the similarities, you can have a healthy relationship.

3. You acknowledge the differences

This is of utmost importance. When you accept each other’s differences, you’re actually respecting each other’s individuality. In some cases, there is no wrong or right, just different views. And you can’t always agree on everything. Never let such conversations turn into arguments. Leave things be. Agreeing on everything gets a little boring anyway.

4. You miss them when they’re not around

You’re so used to being around them, that you don’t even fully realize how important they have become to you. It becomes a sort of habit to have them around, doesn’t feel like anything special. Only when you’re spending time apart you begin to appreciate the blessing of their presence. You miss being with them.

5. You’re attracted to each other

Apart from all that is profound, you also need to be attracted to each other, physically. Anyone would feel good about themselves when they know that their partner finds them desirable. Even the most confident people have doubts about themselves every now and then. It’s natural to get worried about your partner losing interest in you. So save each other the fret, and show them exactly how attractive they are to you.

6. Arguments bring you closer together

These minor hiccups always find their way in relationships, always. You just cannot escape them. However, you can always fix them. As long as you’re willing to works things out, you’re going to be together. Because it shows, that despite all the differences you two might have, you still choose to get past them just to be with each other.

7. You’re both good listeners

You don’t listen to respond, you listen to understand, or simply to help them lighten their burden. You’re not preoccupied when engaged in a conversation with them. You both give each other the attention and respect you deserve. Knowing that you’re someone whom they’d share everything with is something very special.В  Treasure it and return the favor. The best thing you get out of it is knowing each other better than before.

8. You both have the same relationship goals

This actually determines the length of your relationship. If either of you has different expectations from your relationship, it might create a great deal of confusion and distress. Talk about the difficult things. It’s better to lay it all out rather than stumbling upon it at a later, more inconvenient time. There is nothing wrong with wanting to talk about the future of your relationship from the very beginning. It just shows you see potential in your partner and the relationship and you want to have a future with them. Just don’t scare them away by fast-forwarding like ten years!

9. You’re willing to make the necessary compromises

One of the very important lessons of life is that you can’t always have your way with things. There are going to be instances that aren’t going to be as favorable for you. How do you deal with that? You settle for the most you can make of the situation. Similarly, in a relationship, your happiness should matter as much as their happiness. And at times you should put your partner before yourself. Learn to let go. A little compromise goes a long way. So be patient and do what is necessary for the sake of your relationship.

10. You get along just fine while travelling

Having to leave the comfort of all the things familiar to go visit some new place is not only exciting but challenging as well. You have to make a few adjustments and you might need to deal with unexpected problems. Being with someone amongst all this and managing to deal with all of it with them, is just another example of how you two can get through anything. It shows how you two can live with each other in any given situation.

There have to be a couple of these signs in your relationship as well. And even if there are any missing, work on them. Compatibility is vital to relationships and luckily enough it’s something you can work together to achieve.

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