10 Signs You And Your Partner Have Really Good Chemistry

1. You both maintain positive vibes in your relationship.

You don’t really like to make room for drama or negativity in your relationships. You get rid of any traces of toxicity in your romance. You want to make sure that your relationship always has a positive energy about it. You are always smiling and having fun with each other. You don’t try to take things so seriously to the point that you’re just placing too much pressure on your relationship. You want to keep things as light and as positive as possible.

2. You don’t use texting for your deep conversations.

You know and recognize that in the age of technology, you need to be using whatever platform for communication that you can make the most of. And you also understand the value of being able to text your partner to maintain constant communication. However, you also know that the most important conversations in your life can’t be done over the phone. You still prioritize face-to-face conversations more than you do anything else.

3. You limit information about your relationship on your social media.

You keep the intimate aspects of your relationship to yourselves – and that’s important because you are able to establish a sense of exclusivity in your love lives.

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