1. You both maintain positive vibes in your relationship.

You don’t really like to make room for drama or negativity in your relationships. You get rid of any traces of toxicity in your romance. You want to make sure that your relationship always has a positive energy about it. You are always smiling and having fun with each other. You don’t try to take things so seriously to the point that you’re just placing too much pressure on your relationship. You want to keep things as light and as positive as possible.

2. You don’t use texting for your deep conversations.

You know and recognize that in the age of technology, you need to be using whatever platform for communication that you can make the most of. And you also understand the value of being able to text your partner to maintain constant communication. However, you also know that the most important conversations in your life can’t be done over the phone. You still prioritize face-to-face conversations more than you do anything else.

3. You limit information about your relationship on your social media.

You keep the intimate aspects of your relationship to yourselves – and that’s important because you are able to establish a sense of exclusivity in your love lives.

4. You have no problems with cuddling.

Cuddling is a very warm form of physical intimacy. And it’s a very light and playful way to express physical affection as well. Yes, physical intimacy in a relationship is always going to be important. However, physical intimacy doesn’t always have to get so hot and steamy. It doesn’t always have to be concerned with sex. Even the simple act of cuddling can help the two of you feel safe and secure in each other’s warms.

5. You don’t hold back from arguing with one another.

You know just how important it is for you to handle your arguments like adults. You don’t run away from conflicts or disagreements. You are always so willing to have uncomfortable conversations with each other because you know that it’s how you can really grow and strengthen ourselves as a couple. You are never afraid of having a few spats here and there because you know they only help you get closer to one another.

6. You have a healthy and happy sex life.

Sex is always going to be an important aspect of any modern relationship. There is no denying that in order for you to have a successful relationship, you always need to be building the intimacy that you have with one another. And there is no denying that sex happens to be the pinnacle of physical intimacy. And if you are constantly wanting to be intimate with one another in the form of sex, then you are always getting closer to one another.

7. You share a lot of similar values and goals.

When you share a lot of the same values and goals in your relationship, then that makes you really compatible to be with one another. And that’s a good thing. When you are compatible with each other, you minimize the friction in your relationship. You don’t really have all that much to fight about or disagree on. And you really work like a team as you work towards your shared visions and dreams.

8. You have different spending habits.

You have to be mature in order for you to be able to sustain a successful relationship with someone. And that maturity has to carry into your finances as well. And it’s important to note that you need fiscal responsibility to minimize the friction in your relationship. However, studies have revealed that it’s more likely that you will succeed as a couple if you have contrasting spending habits – where one is more extravagant while the other is more thrifty.

9. You share a great sense of humor.

The older you get in your relationship, you are going to come to realize that it’s so important for you to share the same sense of humor. You always want to be laughing as much as possible with one another. You always want to be generating positive vibes in your relationship. Even though the harsh world can make you cynical, you always want to be focusing on the lighter and happier aspects of life. Over time, good looks can fade away. But a great sense of humor can only grow more refined.

10. You like to spend time doing the same things.

When you are both interested in the same kinds of activities, then you are both given a chance to really connect and bond with one another. When it comes to having long-term relationships, it’s always important that you are able to connect with your partner in fresh ways. And if you are able to do more things together, then you are essentially spending more time with one another. You are creating more opportunities to make great memories together as a couple.

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