10 Signs You Are Already Your Own Boyfriend

If you have been single for a very long time now, you are going to have learned how to be comfortable in your own solitude. You are going to have to learn to fend for yourself in this world that is full of challenges. However, you might also have to learn to deal with some kind of absence in your life; with some kind of incompletion.

When you are in a relationship with someone, you have an extra set of helping hands. You have someone in your life who is going to help get you to where you need to be; someone who is going to aid you in all the things that you have to do in this life. But when you’re forced to ride solo, you don’t really have that kind of luxury.

When you are single, you begin to do so many things for yourself – even things that you might have relied on other people for in the past. And you might eventually realize that you like taking care of yourself. You might discover that you actually like being able to be independent and strong. You are actually becoming your own person. You are becoming your own boyfriend.

1. Whenever you crave for something, you cook it for yourself.

You have become a fairly good chef. Or at the very least, you’ve become very good at ordering takeout to satisfy your own cravings.

2. You have become a really good handywoman.

When something is broken around the house, you have learned to fix them on your own. When your computer suddenly stops working, you do the troubleshooting by yourself. When the car suddenly dies on you, you act as your own mechanic. You don’t need any man to fix your problems for you at this point.

3. You kill your own insects in your apartment.

There’s a spider in the bedroom? You just learn to slap it with your own flipflops. There’s a cockroach in your kitchen? You have to spray it with your own insecticide. You don’t really turn to anyone else to get the job done in this front. You have no choice but to brave and face these creepy crawlies.

4. You carry your own groceries from the store.

You don’t really rely on a boyfriend to carry those heavy groceries from the store. When it comes to the literal heavy lifting in your life, you have learned to just rely on yourself. You don’t need anyone else to lift those heavy weights for you. You have learned to just do things on your own.

5. You buy clothes purely because you like how it looks on you.

In the past, you might have bought clothes and makeup for yourself because you thought that they would look good for your boyfriend. But nowadays, you simply buy whatever you want just to feel good about yourself. It’s all about how you see yourself and how you are further improving your self-image.

6. People often use the word “independent” when describing you.

Whenever you hear other people talk about you, it’s likely that you’re going to hear the word “independent” used as a means to describe you. You are so used to people being just amazed at how good you are at taking care of yourself. You can tell that it’s a special sight to behold.

7. You go out to watch movies alone without caring about how other people see you.

Whenever there’s a movie playing at the local cinema that you want to check out, you don’t really have to find a date for it anymore. You ask your friends if they want to go out with you. But if they’re too busy, you don’t let that stop you from going out to see the film.

8. You treat yourself to gifts.

When it comes to gifts, you have come to rely on yourself for them. If you have a birthday coming up, you don’t expect any lavish gifts from anyone else anymore. You go out and you buy yourself whatever you want. You get yourself your own treats because it’s a great form of self-love.

9. You learn what it really means to fall in love with yourself.

When you have been single for too long, you just learn what it means to find love in yourself. You no longer depend on other people for love because you know how to give it to yourself. You are able to give yourself all the love that you might ever need or crave for.

10. You are your own boss of your life.

You really take control of your own life. You are your own boss. You call the shots. You decide what you are doing and where you are going. You always take full ownership of your life because you aren’t accountable for anyone else and no one is accountable to you either.

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