10 Signs You Have An ENFP Personality Type

How you approach, experience, perceive, and appreciate the world is all going to depend on your personality type. And this article is going to focus on one very specific personality type in particular: the ENFP personality type. You have to know that being a person who has an ENFP personality type, you belong to only 7% of the world’s population; and so there’s no denying that you are a genuinely rare gem. You should consider yourself lucky and proud to be this special and unique.

According to the Myers-Briggs personality set, you are known as “The Campaigner” in the bunch. You are naturally intuitive and you are always striving for growth and development. You are never contented with staying where you are and you are constantly seeking avenues for improvement. You are the type of person who has a zeal for life; you have boundless energy and you want to make the most out of all the opportunities that you have been given in this world. You have incredible charisma and you understand the value of being able to relate and work well with other people.

You are very good at reading situations and maximizing the tools that are at your disposal. You have the type of personality that is just built to stand out in a crowd. Whenever attention is drawn to you, you feel very comfortable with it. You don’t necessarily crumble under the pressure of being under everyone’s eye. Here are a few other signs that you might be the ENFP personality type.

1. You always look for depth in everything.

You are the type of person who always wants to go beyond the surface level. You are always searching for depth. You never like to just take things at face value. You want to go as deep as possible because of your natural curiosity and brainpower.

2. Your feelings are tied to the emotions of those around you.

You aren’t selfish in the sense that even your feelings are tied to how the people around you are feeling. You are always surveying those who are around you. You are always trying to read the temperature of the room. You’re never just thinking of yourself and how you feel. You always try to gauge how the people you’re interacting with are feeling as well.

3. You don’t express any extreme opinions.

You have a very open mind. And you aren’t always so set on the ideas that you believe in at the moment. You know that you could always be proven wrong about something. That’s why you have a very moderate philosophy. You don’t like to impose your beliefs on others.

4. You always consider communication to be very important.

You are a firm believer in the idea of communication being the number one tool to solving all of the problems in the world. You always advocate strong and healthy communication between people. You know that it’s a major key in resolving conflicts and differences between people.

5. You have a very large social circle because of your amiability.

You are oh so very like able. You are so good at getting people to just feel comfortable around you. You are very friendly and you get along with just about anyone you meet. You know how to adjust yourself depending on who you’re interacting with. And that’s the reason you are always surrounded by large groups of friends.

6. You hate engaging in repetitive tasks.

You hate routines. You hate predictability. You always want diversity and spontaneity. You always want to be challenged with new experiences and tasks.

7. You become easily stressed out in life.

You have a tendency to be an overthinker almost to the point wherein it’s unhealthy. And if you pair that with your emotionality, there’s no wonder that you tend to get stressed out way too easily in life. You are often overwhelmed by the many things that plague your existence.

8. You are fond of placing the needs of others above your own.

You are a very selfless human being. You can never really be fully happy unless you know that the people around you are happy as well. You find happiness in being able to make the people around you just as happy and elated.

9. You like to push the envelope and explore new realms of possibility.

You are never content with what is given. You always like to question everything. Your curiosity forces you to doubt life as you know it. You are always trying to explore new realms of possibility because of how creative and powerful your mind really is.

10. You always need to be engaged in something.

You are restless. You have the type of personality that always needs to be working on something. You hate just relaxing and doing nothing. You hate being idle and inactive. You always want your mind to be firing on all cylinders because you don’t like being unproductive.

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