10 Signs You Need To Give Your Partner More Space, Even If They Haven’t Said it

They need more space.

A lot of us will always want our alone time. We all value our privacy each of us to varying degrees. Some of us need it more; some others not so much. It all depends on our personalities, really. It’s good when we learn to embrace our solitude and privacy. It shows that we are secure about who we are and that we can totally rely on our own selves to fix whatever parts of us are broken.  

However, the need to maintain privacy and solitude can prove to be incredibly difficult once you find yourself in a relationship. It gets even more complicated whenever you and your partner are already living with one another. Sometimes, the relationship and constant companionship can get a little suffocating to the point where you just want to make a little escape. And of course, it’s neither of your faults. It’s just that some human beings are wired to crave for privacy and isolation more than others. So that’s why it’s really important that you and your partner are constantly communicating about your needs. You must always be open and communicative with one another so that you’re constantly operating on the same page.

Of course, in a perfect relationship, you would always be willing to open up and say what you feel whenever you need to get something off your chest. That’s what a perfect relationship is always going to look like. But unfortunately, the perfect relationship doesn’t exist. And there will be some couples who will lack in this key aspect of their relationship. You never know when your partner might actually be craving for some space and isolation because they are actually keeping it from you. They don’t want you to feel bad or rejected if they ask you for space and so they just refrain from asking you altogether. You might be a great person who is accommodating of their needs, but they can still be intimidated to ask you and that’s perfectly normal. It happens.

Giving one another space is essential in a healthy relationship and neither of you should feel ashamed or hurt when one asks for it. Like any other aspect of a relationship, it’s all about being able to come to a mutual compromise that benefits all parties involved. You just both have to make sure that you’re there for one another every step of the way. You just have to make each other feel like you constantly have your backs.

So if you are suspicious of your partner’s reluctance to ask you for space, you can just go ahead and seek out the signs on their behalf. If a lot of the things that are listed on here actually apply to your partner; then it’s likely that they need space and you should probably give it to them.

1. You find yourself having to constantly look for them.

It’s as if they’re never around. They don’t even make an effort to let you know where they are anymore. It’s their subtle way of saying that they want to be without you for a bit.

2. You notice that they’re not really opening up to you much anymore.

They’re trying to close themselves off for a bit. They want to keep to themselves to actually address some issues on their own.

3. You have had more frequent arguments about trivial matters.

They look to pick fights with you because there is just so much pent-up steam within them that they need to release.

4. They act frustrated about the state of things.

It seems like they’re very irritable lately. It looks like they’re dealing with so much unnecessary pressure and it’s frustrating them to the core.

5. They cancel on dates and plans with you more often.

They aren’t really all that enthusiastic about spending time with you anymore and perhaps it’s because they’ve been spending far too much time with you. That’s why it’s easy for them to cancel on you regardless of how these cancellations make you feel.

6. They would rather go out without having you there.

They just want to spend time away from you. Perhaps a little variance is what you need to jump-start things in your relationship for now.

7. There is a drop in your communication frequency.

If you feel like you don’t talk as much as before, then that might also be a sign that they’re growing tired of being with you all the time.

8. They come home much later than they usually do.

They would much rather spend time away from home and from you. They feel boxed in and constricted by being with you all of the time. Home starts to feel like a prison.

9. They offer to run more errands for you.

They would rather do an errand than just spend the entire day at home with you. They want to feel free and productive without you for a bit.

10. They give you the silent treatment.

It’s their silent way of telling you that there’s something wrong and they don’t necessarily want to talk about it.

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