10 signs you should trust the guy you’re with

It’s hard enough to trust people with material things, even harder when it comes to feelings. With the kind of society we’re living in, most of us don’t trust easily anyway. When placing your trust in someone ends up in disappointment too many times, you refrain from doing so.

Love makes you do silly things. Even when you’ve learnt the don’t-trust-so-easily lesson countless times, you’d trust the guy you’re with in a heartbeat. One shouldn’t rush into something like this. Because once trust is broken in any way, the relationship would wither away in no time. Any relationship needs trust to survive.

Let him earn your trust. If you see any of these 10 signs, you can go ahead and trust him.

1. He doesn’t mind your inquisition

He never dodges any of your questions, simply because he has nothing to hide. And he wants you to trust him, blindly. He understands that you’re just trying to get rid of your doubts, and nothing more. He has no trouble having an honest conversation with you; he doesn’t need to keep anything from you. Just don’t give him the third degree! He might not complain, but it can be a bit annoying.

2. He maintains eye contact

Have you ever been able to look someone in the eye and lie to them? Probably not. So this is a definitive sign of being honest with you. If he isn’t looking away while talking to you, you can trust every word that comes out of his mouth. Unless of course, he is a very skilled liar. But let’s not think of the worst. If he has trouble keeping eye contact, he may be lying or doesn’t want you to know something. So pay close attention while talking to him.

3. He opens up to you

To gain trust, you need to give it too. And he tries to do just that with you. He allows you to know him more intimately than anyone else. He has no fears being himself around you and doesn’t pretend to be somebody he isn’t. He lets his guard down when it comes to you. When you see him sharing things about himself that you yourself would have trouble sharing, your doubts start sliding away. If he’s making an effort, don’t just leave him hanging. Return the favor, he’d love to know that you could trust him.

4. Only has eyes for you

No number of girls can distract him. Even if your guy is the overtly-friendly kind, when in a relationship, he’d watch his habits around other girls. If he’s flirting around, maybe he needs just a little more time to get there. You can always tell him how you feel about the situation. Don’t be jumping to any conclusions, but don’t be placing your trust in him too soon either. If he changes his ways in due time, great! But if he doesn’t, maybe things need some reconsideration.

5. He takes a keen interest in your life

Isn’t it nice when you’re going on and on about your day to your guy, he listens to you without complaining? It’s even better when he asks you about work, friends, family and what not. He keeps up with everything going on in your life. Why else would he ask you about all this if he weren’t truly interested in you and invested in the relationship. He pays attention to what you have to say and never misses out on an opportunity to get to know you better.

6. He doesn’t avoid your family or friends

Love is blind. It really is. You could be in love with a murderer, and think nothing but sweet thoughts of him! Which is why it is a great thing to have outside help to judge your guy. Your friends and family are protective of you and naturally would be a little critical of who you’re with. If there are things you’ve been happily ignoring, they might point them out to you. Not that you’re not capable of making the right choices, but if there’s something fishy, you have all these people to tell you. If he is fine with being around them, he has good intentions for you and again, doesn’t have anything to hide.

7. He doesn’t care much about you seeing his phone

If you’ve ever just randomly pick up his phone and he tries to snatch it out of your hands, an alarm should definitely go off. If he’s got nothing to hide, then that is definitely not the reaction you should get. The reality must be quite different in that case. If he’s able to comfortably check his phone in front of you, answer calls or texts, it’s a good sign.

8. He is confident of himself

Nothing catches him off guard. You could ask him of something a day old, a week old or even a month old, and he’d have no trouble answering it. He’s always calm and composed. And nothing makes him uneasy. Being true to yourself and being honest with others allows you to act like that. He’d be comfortable talking about anything.

9. You feel increasingly comfortable around him

This is only possible when he creates an environment, where you know for sure that there are going to be no lies, secrets or judgments. He’s going to tell you the most embarrassing things about himself and you’d have no trouble countering them with an equally embarrassing story of yours. If he confesses to something humiliating, you’d feel no shame in doing the same. This sort of comfort comes only when you have unwavering trust in a relationship. And that doesn’t come easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

10. Your friends approve of him

You can trust them to be honest because they care about you and your feelings. They’d rather you end it early on than at a later time when you’ve become way too attached. They’re going to be generously critical of him, but all for your own good. So if they give you the green signal, you can probably trust him.

Even if you’re not the best judge of people, trust your instincts. They definitely don’t lie. It takes time to make up your mind about someone, and make sure you take due time when it comes to trusting your boyfriend. Look for the aforementioned signs. But don’t overanalyze. You just might end up mistrusting him when he truly deserves to be trusted. Be careful about who you allow to trust with your feelings. If they’re capable of treasuring them like they’re meant to be, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If not, you’re setting yourself up to get hurt.

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