10 Signs Your Guy Is Faking It

Does he fake it?

It’s no secret that sex has the potential to be the source of a lot of fun, awkwardness, hilarity, and pleasure. It has the power to completely take control of people’s minds and turn them into rabid animals acting on their natural instincts. It’s also not a secret that in general, women are known for faking their orgasms for the sake of making their men feel special. They don’t want to bruise their men’s egos and so they act like their nights in the sheets managed to fulfill them to the fullest.

However, it’s also important to note that a huge bulk of men fake their orgasms as well. While it is much easier for men to climax than it is for women, there’s still no faking the fact that a lot of men still left unsatisfied after a night in the bedroom.

So how do you know whenever your man is faking it? How do you find out whether you haven’t done enough for him in the sack? Here are some signs that you need to be looking out for to stay on top of your game.

1. He overacts the moment of climax.

This is the most common tell to whenever a man is faking his climax. If he’s moaning too loudly or making exaggerated facial expressions at the moment of finishing, then he is likely faking it. It would be much easier to tell whenever he isn’t being genuine if you’ve been having sex for a while. If he is acting out of the ordinary, then he probably didn’t finish.

2. He dashes off to the bathroom immediately after ˜finishing’ with you.

If he makes a run for the bathroom immediately after sex, then you can bet that there’s something suspicious about that. It’s rare for people to get the call of nature during or immediately after sex. If he’s making a run to the bathroom after sex, it’s probably because he hasn’t finished with you, and he’s looking to complete the job on his own.

3. He maintains an aura of stoicism when he tells you that he’s done.

He shouldn’t be so calm when he tells you that he’s done. He should be out of breath and sweaty. He should look like he’s just finished an intense workout. If he’s still very calm in his demeanor when he tells you that he’s done, then it’s highly likely that he really didn’t finish after all. Orgasm is a very physically demanding experience, and he should be looking like he’s gone through a tremendous physical ordeal. 

4. He tells you he’s finished earlier than usual.

When you’ve been engaging in multiple sexual encounters with a single partner over a prolonged period of time, you should be able to familiarize yourself with his patterns and tendencies. Sometimes, you can even accurately gauge whenever he’s about to hit orgasm. However, if you feel like the timing is off, and he claims that he has come earlier than you expected, then that may be an indication that he is lying to you.

5. He does it from behind.

A common trick that fakers use is when they take you from behind. That way, whenever they lie to you about their orgasms, you can’t see their facial expressions. You aren’t able to accurately tell whether they are lying to you or not. You are deprived of your visual senses to gauge the situation properly.

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