10 Signs Your Man Is Emotionally Unavailable

There are so many fish in the sea, as they say. So why would you ever settle for a guy who just isn’t worth being with in the first place? Sure, he might be very charismatic, charming, and good-looking. But is he emotionally available to you? When you get into a relationship with someone, it’s never going to be easy. You’re going to need a whole lot of love, commitment, effort, and good luck to be on your side if you’re going to make it work. And even then, success is never guaranteed.

That’s why it’s important for the two of you to ALWAYS stay emotionally available for one another. Otherwise, you’re just making a difficult task even harder. The both of you have to really commit to making sure that your relationship doesn’t fade into anything. You have to really commit to making sure that the passion, intensity, and fire in your relationship doesn’t fizzle out. And you won’t be able to do that if you have a guy who just refuses to open up to you.

At the end of the day, you’re going to want to give a chance to any guy that you meet. But you shouldn’t. You can’t. You have to place your bets on the men who are actually worth taking a chance on. If you are reckless about it, you’re going to be wasting a lot of time on men who are only going to break your heart and disappoint you. And you don’t want that. The heart can only take so much damage and abuse. You always want to make sure that you are putting yourself in the best position to find success in love and life. And that’s why if you find out that a guy is emotionally unavailable, you just have to muster up the strength and courage to walk away from that situation entirely. If you allow yourself to get immersed and sucked into that whole situation, then you’re going to have a substantially much more difficult time in getting out of it.

So early on, look out for these signs. If a lot of the things listed here actually apply to the guy that you’re dating, then you know he’s emotionally unavailable – and having a happy and healthy relationship with him is going to be impossible.

1. He finds a way to blame you for everything that goes wrong in the relationship even when it’s all his fault, to begin with. He doesn’t really like to accept responsibility for any of his actions and he refuses to be accountable.

2. He sometimes goes missing from your life without any prior notice and he wouldn’t even care about how his absence would make you feel. You might not see him or hear from him for days and he wouldn’t really think of it to be a big deal.

3. He keeps on trying to break up with you and then he loops you back into his life by playing his usual tricks on you. He does this to make sure that you are still staying hooked on him and that he has you on a string.

4. He just walks away from any difficult discussions or conversations that you want to bring up in the relationship. Whenever you try to talk to him about your fears, worries, or insecurities, he’s just going to find a way to shut everything out. He will never show a willingness to have these conversations with you.

5. He doesn’t really look for ways to make you feel better about yourself in the relationship. He won’t really try to find ways to ease your worries and your insecurities. In fact, he might even be adding on to your insecurities, and he wouldn’t care much about it.

6. He stays completely immune to your pleas for emotion, compassion, and understanding. He acts like a genuine robot when you request for his patience and empathy. It’s as if he’s virtually incapable of grasping the idea that you have certain feelings.

7. He doesn’t respect any of the boundaries that you set for him in your relationship. He doesn’t really find it compelling to make sure that you feel safe and secure in your relationship. He violates your trust again and again without remorse, regret, or any hope for eventual change.

8. He is constantly abusing you in a verbal or a physical manner whenever he sees that you make a mistake. He doesn’t really take into consideration the mental and emotional anguish that he is causing you when he does this.

9. He NEVER apologizes to you even when he makes you apologize for practically everything that goes wrong in the relationship – even the things that aren’t really your fault to begin with.

10. He laughs and dismisses your feelings whenever you try to bring them up in a conversation.

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