10 Signs Your Relationship Is Doing Better Than You Think It Is

You’re at a very good place.

It’s not always going to be a stretch of pure bliss when you’re in a relationship with someone. You have to be content with the fact that relationships are a lot like rolling hills. You will have your uphill climbs; you are going to have your downward spirals; and you will also have your moments on top. When you’re first starting out in a relationship, things can get awkward. You are still getting to know each other. You are still trying to gradually open yourselves up to one another. And once you get past that initial stage of awkwardness, then every day will start to feel like you are on cloud nine. But then things start to plateau. You fall in a rut and things start to lose their luster. Some minor problems will start creeping up and you start to ask yourself why your relationship isn’t attaining the level of perfection that it once did. This is where couples really discover what their relationships are made of.

It’s how couples are able to push through the mundane nature of everyday life. It’s how couples are able to endure minor bumps in the road. It’s how they are able to keep the fire burning despite the occasional cold winds. Don’t worry that things aren’t as perfect as they used to be. Every relationship goes through that experience. But just to put your mind at ease, you should know that your relationship is still in pretty good shape if the items on this list apply to you.

1. You share a laugh often.

Humor is an important aspect of any relationship. You have to be able to let loose with one another and share a laugh. Laughter is also a great way to ease the stress and tension that comes with being in a relationship. 

2. You don’t mind having difficult conversations with one another.

No matter how difficult the topic, you are always open to talking to each other. Whether you are trying to call each other out on faults, or you are trying to push each other up, you are always willing to talk to one another. 

3. You never hesitate when it comes to expressing your love.

It doesn’t always have to be grand expressions of love and intimacy. Even simple gestures like small kisses and hugs are enough to sustain you. You never miss out on an opportunity to let your partner know that you value them and that you love them. 

4. You strike a balance between taking care of yourself and your partner.

Just because you are in a relationship with another person doesn’t give you the right to completely neglect yourself. You have to be able to balance taking care of your own individual life and your partner. If you fail to love yourself, your partner might stop seeing the value in you as well. 

5. You are able to push past your differences as individuals.

You are going to have your conflicts and differences. That’s a given. But your ability to push past these conflicts is what makes you a great couple. You are always willing to make compromises for the sake of the relationship. 

6. You are able to look beyond the annoyances.

You are bound to have your little quirks and oddities that will annoy your partner and vice versa. But despite that, you are able to overlook these. You don’t consider these annoyances to be deal-breakers in the relationship because your love is strong enough to withstand anything. 

7. You are always trying to make each other’s lives more comfortable.

You never stop serving one another. You are always thinking of ways to make your partner’s life easier and more comfortable. You do errands for your partner. You try to life their spirits when they’re down. You buy them gifts to make them feel appreciated. 

8. You still value the time that you spend together.

You never take the time that you spend together for granted. You know that every single moment you spend together is a potential memorable experience just waiting to happen. Even after all the years that you’ve been together, it’s never going to be enough. You still want more hours in the day to spend with one another. 

9. You don’t hold grudges.

You’ve had your fair share of arguments in the past, sure. All couples argue. But once you find a resolution, you bury the hatchet and you move on. You don’t carry the weight of those arguments and disagreements with you. You don’t hold grudges in the relationship and your feelings are always pure and without baggage. 

10. You are each other’s most ardent supporters.

You are always looking to propel each other up to stardom. You always wish the best for one another. You push each other to go after dreams and aspirations. You never try to bring the other down with selfishness or jealousy. You always rejoice in each other’s success, and you empathize with each other’s failures. 

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