10 Simple Things He Does In Your Relationship That Make Him Romantic

Romance > everything.

Hollywood has really screwed love up for a lot of us. Media has forced us to buy into the idea that love is always supposed to be about romantic candlelit dinners, fireworks, passionate kisses on a rooftop, and whatnot. And yes, it can be grand to have these amazing and magical moments in a relationship, it’s important to note that they don’t make up the relationship as a whole. In fact a huge bulk of what composes a truly loving relationship are the simple gestures that he may be doing for you on a consistent basis. He may not always be proclaiming his love for you under the stars every night, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. You just have to learn to appreciate the little things and once you do gain a better appreciation of the simple things, then you will grow to understand that the big stuff don’t matter as much.

1. He tells you that you look beautiful even when you know you don’t look your best.

He just constantly wants to give you confidence boosts. He never wants you to feel like you aren’t enough for him. He wants you to know that even on your worst days, he’s still going to be just as crazy about you as he is on your best days.

2. He tells you that he misses you whenever you’re apart from one another even when it hasn’t been that long.

It might seem clingy at first, but it’s actually cute when done in taste. If he times it just right, he will be able to make you feel just how much he values having your presence around in his life.

3. He makes an effort to learn to cook the things that he knows you enjoy eating.

He knows that the way to your heart is through your stomach. And even though we would typically be fine with ordering a box of pizza every night for himself, he knows that that won’t cut it for you. He knows that you deserve so much more than that and so he will make an effort to learn to cook the food that you really enjoy having. This way, he can invite you over more often for a date night in the house.

4. He tidies himself up and makes himself look the best that he can for you.

He isn’t content with already having you fall in love with him. He wants you to fall in love with him every time you see him and that’s why he always wants to make himself look good for you whenever you see each other.

5. He brags about your relationship on his social media profiles.

He may not necessarily be so active on social media, but if he is, he always makes it a point to have you in there. He always makes sure that you have a presence on his page because he wants you and the world to know just how much he values having you.

6. He goes with you to see a movie that he hates just because he knows you’ve been wanting to see it.

This is just a tiny manifestation of him always wanting to put your happiness above his own. Because to him, your happiness means his own happiness as well.

7. He runs errands for you even when you don’t ask him to.

He wants to do whatever he can to help make your life easier. He always wants to make you as happy and as comfortable as possible because to him, that’s what love between two people should always be about.

8. He puts the effort into trying to keep the passion of your relationship alive.

The longer that you stay together, the more effort he puts in. He never grows complacent with you. He never takes you for granted. He wants you to know that he’s all-in with you and he will do whatever he can to keep the flame of your love alive.

9. He always reassures you that he is never going to abandon you.

Part of being safe and happy in a relationship is knowing that you know that your partner is always going to be at your side no matter what. He never wants you to doubt his love for you. He never wants any of your insecurities to come creeping up. He will put away all of your anxieties by telling you that he will never leave you.

10. He tells you that he’s madly in love with you all the time.

What can be more romantic than having your partner tell you that he loves you all the time? He never wants you to forget it. He has a love inside him that is dedicated entirely to you. It’s uncontainable and he always want to be expressing it for you.

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