10 Simple Things That Women Do Which Secretly Turn Him On

Want to know the keys to his heart? It doesn’t always have to be so complicated.

1. You know your worth, and you never allow yourself to get with guys who are beneath you.

Quality men never go after easy women who don’t know their worth. It’s just the truth. If you present yourself as someone who isn’t easy to get; as someone whose love and affection demand hard work and dedication, then he’s going to really love that about you. Men know that the best things in life are always working hard. And he is always going to be willing to work for your love.

2. You are independent, but you still allow the people who love you to care for you.

Here’s a general secret about all men: they all like to feel needed. And even though you don’t necessarily “need” him in your life, it’s still good that you make him feel like he can take care of you. It’s part of giving him validation, of reassuring him of his place in your life. If he can be made to feel like he has an integral role in your life, then he’s going to really love being with you. He knows that you are independent, but he appreciates that you let him take care of you.

3. You give just as much as you get in a relationship.

You understand that a relationship is always supposed to be a give and take. It’s a two-way street. It’s not an ATM that you can get cash from whenever you want. It’s something that you have to invest in as well. And he loves that you’re always so willing to give so much of yourself to the relationship. It shows that you are really serious about making things work and don’t take your responsibilities lightly.

4. You always conduct yourself with grace, class, and poise.

Some things never go out of style. And having grace, elegance, and a good set of manners is always going to be stylish. So if you present yourself as a genuine lady with no ulterior motives, then he’s going to be helpless to your charm. It’s all a matter of being genuine about who you are – and making sure that you conduct yourself with a certain sense of poise that will leave all men drooling in your wake.

5. You don’t associate yourself with dramatic people or dramatic narratives.

Men hate drama. That’s just one of the oldest truths on the face of the earth. And so, if you are the type of person who always tries to distance yourself from dramatic people or dramatic situations, then he’s going to enjoy being around you. Men typically don’t like to be a part of dramatic narratives. And so, being a non-dramatic lady is always a plus.

6. You always live up to your words and promises.

Your word is your bond. You aren’t the type of girl who says one thing only to turn around and do something else entirely. You always back up whatever you say with real actions. You aren’t an “all talk” kind of woman. And he loves that he can always trust you to deliver on what you say you’re going to do.

7. You never feel entitled to anything from him just because you’re in a relationship.

You always know that he is his own person – and you are not entitled to anything from him just because you are in love with one another. You can have your expectations and standards, but you are never one to impose. You always respect him as a man – and you never violate whatever boundaries he might set. You never make him feel like a lesser being who you have complete control over.

8. You still maintain a sense of individuality outside of your relationship.

You are still your own person outside of the relationship. You don’t allow the relationship to define who you are as a human being purely. You have other things going on for you. You have your hobbies, your friends, your career, and your many other interests that all contribute to who you are as a person. You don’t let the relationship define your entire existence. And he loves that you don’t put that kind of pressure on him.

9. You always open up about how you really feel.

You are honest – and you never give him a reason not to trust you. He knows that with you, he’s never going to have to read between the lines because you just come right out and say whatever is in your heart.

10. You get really passionate about something.

Men always secretly love it when they see that their women are passionate about something. If he sees that you can be passionate about your job, hobbies, movies, songs, or whatever in life, it reminds him that you are a passionate creature. Your passion reminds him that you can be just as passionate about him if he tries hard enough. And wants that kind of passion for himself as well.

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