10 Simple Things That You Do Which Make Him Really Happy

He loves it when you play with his hair.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that some women just have a really hard time trying to understand their men. It’s not too hard to figure out why. Men tend not to be very expressive and open about their feelings and their emotions. And so their female counterparts rarely ever know whether their actions are positively or negatively impacting their men. It is quite a struggle for a lot of women to bear but it really doesn’t always have to be. 

But don’t worry. So as long as you keep on loving your man and treating him with dignity and respect, then he is going to be happy. He might not always be expressing his affections for you, but he cares. He is appreciative and he is grateful. You should never have to doubt that your man loves you wholeheartedly. 

But if you are really insecure, then you shouldn’t be afraid to ask him about his feelings. You don’t have to hesitate to consult him on how he feels about you and your relationship. This can be a very difficult thing for some women to do seeing as it requires a great deal of courage and bravery. Fortunately, there are a few more subtle ways to tell whether you are treating your man right. Just read through until the end of this list and see if a lot of the stuff here can apply to you. These are a few of the simple things that women do which always make their men smile.

1. He loves it when you play with his hair.

He may act like it annoys him sometimes, but the truth is, he doesn’t care much about the fact that you mess with his hair. He loves it whenever you play around with him. It’s a very innocent and raw form of intimacy. 

2. He loves it when you act somewhat jealous and possessive of him.

Of course, in moderation. You can’t be acting like the crazy girlfriend who doesn’t let him have his freedom or space. But when you mildly play the part of the jealous girlfriend sometimes, it lets him know just how much he means to you. 

3. He loves it when you are nice to his friends.

He loves his friends. That’s why they’re his friends. And he really loves it whenever you make the effort to be nice to his friends too. It goes to show just how kind a person you are and it makes him proud to have you as a girl. 

4. He loves it when you call him out of the blue to tell him that you miss him.

Whenever you do this, you shouldn’t be thinking that you’re annoying him. He actually loves the fact that you think about him even though you’re apart. It makes him feel like he really is an important part of your life. 

5. He loves it when he catches you staring at him.

Of course, physical attraction is always going to play an important role in your relationship. So whenever you remind your man that you still find him aesthetically pleasing, it’s going to make him feel really good inside even though he doesn’t show it. 

6. He loves it when you genuinely ask for his opinion on something concerning your life.

He loves it whenever you include him in your decision-making process. It makes him feel like he’s actually a person of worth whose opinion really matters to you. It also makes him feel good to know that you are willing to really listen to his ideas and that you value his thoughts. 

7. He loves it when you stay relaxed in tense situations.

Let’s face it. A lot of women have the tendency to overreact to a lot of situations. So whenever you prove to be the exception to the rule, he is going to love you for that. Men typically don’t like drama and so when you do your best to stifle drama, it’s going to make him really happy. 

8. He loves it when you try to joke around and act silly with him.

Humor is always a good idea in a relationship. So whenever you just let yourself act silly and foolish around him, it makes him feel really good. It makes him happy to know that you are comfortable enough around to just let yourself loose and act silly. 

9. He loves it when you show off your hearty appetite.

A man always loves a woman who isn’t afraid to show off her hearty appetite. Of course, that isn’t to say that you should be eating unhealthy all the time, but it’s also nice to just let yourself loose every once in a while. 

10. He loves it when you take an interest in his favorite hobbies.

He loves it when you try to immerse yourself in his life by actually expressing an interest in his favorite hobbies and passions. It will make him feel like you are genuinely in love with him and you want to explore more of his world.

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Ladies, what do you do for him to make him happy?

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  1. I do all of the above but for the past year he doesn’t think that I do anything like this. He feels like I don’t listen and that I don’t care about him or how he feels. In the same way I’ve been feeling the same way as he has but I’m afraid to show it or tell him because everything turns into a competition and I’m not trying to make it that way.

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