10 Specific Ways To Get More Intimate With Your Partner Outside Of The Bedroom

If you fail to give importance to the intimacy in your relationship, then you are failing at your relationship as a whole. Yes, you might feel that it’s so easy to fall in love with someone. No one is going to dispute that. Maybe you and your partner falling in love with one another was so effortless and simple. But don’t let that deceive you into thinking that MAINTAINING a relationship is going to be just as easy. There is actually so much work and effort that goes into trying to make a relationship work. Yes, it might have been easy for the two of you to fall in love with each other; but actually sustaining that love is going to be a different animal entirely. It’s a whole other ballgame. And you have to make sure that you are up to the task.

Part of being able to sustain the love in a relationship is to continuously build on the level of intimacy in a relationship. And you shouldn’t be taking intimacy to mean sex. Yes, sex is going to be a part of it. But it’s not the only way to build intimacy in a relationship. Remember that intimacy is essentially two people getting as close to one another as humanly possible. And that closeness can be measured in a physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental capacity. You are always going to want to cover all aspects of intimacy – not just the physical ones. And if you don’t know how to do that, then this article is here to help you out. Below, you are going to find a few examples of how you can build better intimacy between you and your partner in the relationship.

1. Read similar books or watch the same movies.

It’s always nice to have something to bond over with the person that you love. And that’s why it’s a great idea for you to watch the same movies and read the same books. You get an opportunity to understand each other’s perspectives – and you get to partake in the same activities together as a couple.

2. Go over old family pictures and scrapbooks together.

When you get into a relationship with someone you didn’t necessarily grow up with, you might not be familiar with each other’s childhood stories. Use this as an opportunity for you to crack open those photo albums and talk about your lives growing up.

3. Cook a meal together as a couple.

Who says that your date nights always have to be composed of the two of you going out to restaurants? You can have a nice dinner at home that you can prepare with your own two hands. That way, you can really bond with one another while performing a shared task.

4. Shower together.

Save water. Shower together. But in all seriousness, it’s a nice way for the two of you to really save time in the morning. It’s also really nice when you are able to start or end your day with a nice bath with the one you love.

5. Go on a long road trip where it’s just the two of you.

Road trips are great. It’s just the two of you and you really get an opportunity to connect with one another in unfamiliar territory. Because you are blocking out distractions by escaping everyday life, you get to really focus on one another as a couple.


6. Stay in bed together all day without having sex.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to block out the whole world and just lock yourselves up in a room together for the whole day. You are forced to really talk and find enjoyment and amusement in each other’s company.

7. Run random errands and chores for one another.

It’s always nice to know that you are in a relationship with someone who always has your back; someone who would do whatever it takes to make your life easier and more comfortable. There’s a certain kind of intimacy that is formed when you grow to really rely and depend on another person.

8. Flirt with each other on a constant basis.

No matter how long the two of you might be in a relationship together, it’s always important that you never stop flirting with one another. You should both always be doing whatever it takes to attract the other. Never stop putting in the effort for each other’s attention and affection.

9. Take part in “active listening” with one another.

Part of being really intimate with someone is taking the time to actually LISTEN to that person. You have to be paying attention to your partner. Make sure that your partner always feels heard and validated whenever they decide to open up to you.

10. Talk about your hopes and dreams as a couple.

You always need to be able to discuss your hopes and dreams as a couple if your relationship is going to move forward into the future. You become a lot closer when you both have something that you have to work towards together.


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