10 Terrible Things That Happen To Your Body When You Get Heartbroken

Heartbreaks can be really bad. They can be downright devastating. It’s a struggle of the heart that you might not even wish on your worst enemies. It’s a very emotionally compromising experience that you would never want to put yourself through. You can’t even imagine the level of damage that you are going to undertake when you are put through the wringer like that.

You never want to be harmed by another person in such a profound and intimate level. A heartbreak can really scar a person even long after a breakup. They can be very hard to recover from, and you are going to want to protect your heart at all costs. Of course, there are many unfortunate things in a relationship that can cause a heartbreak; and they can affect your physical well-being in ways that you can’t imagine.

1. You experience physical pain.


Don’t think that just because you’re going through an emotionally traumatizing ordeal, you’re going to be immune from physical pain. Heartbreak can be so strenuous on a person’s emotional state that it can actually induce stomach aches, headaches, and other such physical pains that just demand to be felt. Heartbreak can be physically painful as well.

2. You have increased stress levels.

Naturally, when you go through an emotionally overwhelming ordeal, it can really put a lot of stress on your system. And of course, when you’re experiencing heartache, the emotional stress can really take its toll on you. You are going to feel a lot of tension, anxiety, and stress in your life because of a heartbreak.

3. You lose your appetite.

Your appetite is going to be severely affected by your mood, and that’s why a lot of people tend to lose a lot of weight after going through a very severe breakup with someone.

4. You experience severe bouts of sadness.

There will be times wherein you will just feel immensely sad, and that’s perfectly normal. You’re going to feel very vulnerable and insecure. You are in a very dark place, and it’s normal for you to just feel really heavy on an emotional level. No one is going to blame you for feeling very down and negative.

5. You find yourself unable to focus.

You are going to be distracted a lot in life. The thing about heartbreak is that it’s a kind of pain that just demands to be felt. And you’re going to have to confront this pain if you want it to eventually go away. However, there is no telling when this pain is going to go away; and you’re just going to have to learn to deal with it until it does.

6. Your heart rate lowers significantly.

Science has already proven that whenever you are going through a difficult heartbreak, your heart rate can really lower because of all the sadness that you feel. And when your heart rate lowers, it can leave you feeling sluggish. It can even compromise your entire circulatory system as a whole.

7. You have difficulty sleeping at night.

Insomnia is going to really take its toll on you when you’re going through a heartbreak. You are going to feel so sad to the point that you will lie awake at night just trying to make sense of everything that you’re feeling. And what you’re feeling is so immensely complex that you just lie awake tossing and turning every night.

8. You become more sensitive and irritable.

When you are going through a very significant heartbreak, there is a high chance that you’re going to feel very irritable and sensitive. Even the slightest words or comments from other people will be enough to set you off and make you feel really bad. You aren’t really going to have a positive disposition and that’s why you can take things the wrong way.

9. You withdraw into solitude.


Of course, when you are feeling sad and negative, you will not want to infect other people with your misery and negativity. And that’s why you’re going to become more antisocial. You’re not going to want to surround yourself with people because you know that you’re just going to be a buzzkill with the way that you’re feeling.

10. You have destroyed confidence and self-esteem.

It can be very traumatizing when you put yourself through such a significant kind of heartbreak. You put your trust in a person. You invest so much of yourself in a relationship. You place all of your hopes and dreams into your love. And yet, things don’t turn out the way that you want them to.

And you’re left to wonder if you’re ever really going to be worthy of love. You will question your sense of self-worth. Your confidence levels will drop and you will start to think about whether you’re deserving of the love that you want for yourself.



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