10 Texts That You Receive When You’re Being Put In The “Friend Zone”

The horrors of the "friend zone" are very real.

The friend zone is a tricky place. It’s reserved for only the most stubborn of men who just can’t take no for answer. Once you’re in the friend zone, it can be difficult to get out. Not every story is going to be like that Ryan Reynolds movie where the goofy nerd eventually does get out of the friend zone to win her love. Chances are, once you’re in the friend zone, you’re likely to stay there forever. Some girls will be nice about it and let you down easily.

Some more cruel ones will lead you on by the leash only to put you down multiple times over. Don’t fall victim to this. Seek the signs out early and avoid heaps of heartbreak and humiliation by moving on. You don’t deserve to suffer in the friend zone. Move on and find someone else you can fall in love with. Here are some texts that you receive when you’re being put in the friend zone. When you find yourself on the receiving end of messages like this, RUN AWAY!

1. Good night!

She’s just being courteous when she’s wishing you a good night. It’s not like she’s expressing endearment though. Otherwise, she would be texting Sweet dreams! or something endearing like that. While this may not be a deal breaker just yet, it’s not a good sign. Things aren’t looking good for you early on.

2. Kinda busy right now sorry TTYL

You’re not even worth a complete sentence. You’re not even worth proper punctuation. Hell, you’re only worth abbreviations at this point. No, this isn’t a good sign for you. You are getting deeper and deeper into the friend zone with texts like this. She doesn’t want to make time to talk to you, nor send you proper text messages.

3. Oh, haha! LOL

This can be tricky and difficult to spot. With replies like this, it means she’s being nice and she doesn’t want to leave you hanging without a reply, but she’s not interested in continuing the conversation either. She’s hoping that you’ll take the hint and be the first one to stop replying. She’s not having fun when she’s talking to you and she really wishes you would divert your attention elsewhere.В – Continue reading on the next page

4. Can’t text right now. Out with friends.

Trust us. If a girl likes you enough, she would reply to you even if she were out with friends. She’s choosing not to make time to reply to you because you’re not worth it. You’re just a friend in her eyes, and an unimportant one at that. It’s just an easy scapegoat for girls to use a night out with friends as an excuse to reject you without hurting your feelings too much.

5. Sorry I forgot to reply. Couldn’t meet yesterday, had a party. How was your weekend?

If you asked her out for a date on Saturday, and she waited until SUNDAY to reply to you, then yeah, just walk away now. She really isn’t interested and she was just too polite to reject you outright. She doesn’t want to be the one to put you out of your misery, and she’s hoping you just walk away on your own. Take a hint from her lack of effort and you’ll understand that she really just isn’t interested in being more than friends with you.

6. Sure, let’s go out! Who else should we invite?

Ouch. You ask her out. She agrees. You’re almost there! And then she goes and asks who else you’re planning to invite on your date. It’s not really a date then, is it? That’s just embarrassing, but don’t you dare say that we didn’t warn you.

7. I’m not so sure about this weekend yet.

Every girl knows what they’re doing for the weekend. When they’re being unsure about it, it’s only because they’re still waiting for something better to come up. They’re not really jolly about the idea of hanging out with you this weekend, and so she’s opening herself to better options.В – Continue reading on the next page

8. Sure, let’s meet up some time!

This is another slippery slope. She’s being vague about when she wants to meet up with you and she refuses to give you any exact dates. She’s just getting your hopes up, but in truth, she’s decided on not meeting up with you. Do yourself a favor and lower your expectations.

9. I miss you too, buddy!

Beware of words like buddy friend and other such terms of endearment. They’re clear messages as to how she views your relationship. She’s deliberately putting you in the friend zone with her labels. Take a hint and just move on. You’ve got no chance at this point.

10. The No-Reply

There’s nothing more humiliating than this. If you don’t get a reply at all, then yeah, she’s really not interested. Just throw your phone away and start a new life. Your life together with your dream girl is never going to be a reality.

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