10 Things a Girl Does When She’s In Love With You

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A girl is usually more in touch with her emotions than any man. Women just have a natural tendency to be more empathetic. They connect most of what they do to their emotions. If they’re feeling like they’re in love with you, it’ll show in the way she acts.

Boys, women aren’t as complicated as we usually think. Sometimes, they can be really obvious if we only know how to read the signs. It’s all a matter of being observant. Yes, typically a girl can be saying one thing when she means another. It can get confusing. But it’s all about gestures for the most part. Actions speak louder than words right? You have to analyze the way that she is whenever she’s around you. You have to be able to point out the indications of intimacy and affection. They’re there. You just have to look for them.

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A girl is usually more in touch with her emotions than any man. Women just have a natural tendency to be more empathetic. They connect most of what they do to their emotions. If they’re feeling like they’re in love with you, it’ll show in the way she acts. Here are the 10 things a girl does when she’s in love with you:

1. She distances herself from other boys.

She only has eyes for you now so she really doesn’t entertain any other suitors anymore. Those guys who are always texting her trying to win her affection? She doesn’t reply to them anymore because it’s only just you now. She’s comfortable with you and she really doesn’t want anyone else to be with at the moment. She can even almost imagine a future with you already.

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2. She’s accepting of all your weird antics and flaws.

You have your quirks. Even you know that. You’re not perfect. Nobody is. Despite all your flaws, your weird antics, and your unfavorable qualities, she’s still accepts you for who you are. She knows that when she gets you, she’s getting the entire package. So she’s going to accept you entirely as you are and not just the parts that aren’t weird.

3. She puts thought into her gifts.

If she’s giving you gifts, then it means that she really likes you. If her gifts have actual meaning behind them, then she’s really in love with you. She’s investing a lot of time, effort, and money just to be able to give you gifts that she know you would really love. They don’t have to be expensive or grand. They just have to be meaningful.

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4. She wants to spend as much time with you as possible.

Time is valuable to her and she knows she wants to always spend it with you. You make her happy and time spent with you is practically bliss for her. She understands your need for occasional space and privacy, but she’s always going to try to squeeze as much time out of you as she can. She understands that it is selfish but she just loves you too much.

5. She always thinks about you whenever you’re not together.

She texts you when you’re not together. She’ll give you a few phone calls every so often. She’ll buy you gifts when you’re not together so she can surprise you the next time you see each other. The point is that you practically consume her mind even when you’re not hanging out. Your image just continues to linger in her brain because she’s obsessed with the idea of you.

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6. She makes plans that involve the both of you.

She no longer makes plans that don’t involve you. Whether it’s planning for a weekend, or for a vacation, she’s always asking your thoughts about it. She doesn’t see a social life that doesn’t involve you anymore. For her, you are her entire social life.

7. She’s comfortable with acting silly when she’s around you.

We all have a crazy side and we only ever reveal it when we’re comfortable with the people we’re with. If she’s truly in love with you, she’ll be perfectly fine with being silly around you. She won’t have to maintain the poise that she displays whenever she’s with other regular people.

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8. She gets sad whenever she’s not with you.

She’s always miserable when she’s not with you. She loves you so much and she always gets so much joy from being with you. Whenever she’s not with you, she just spends most of it thinking about when she’ll get to see you again.

9. She opens herself up to you.

When she’s comfortable enough to open up to you about her feelings and emotions, then yes, she’s very much into you. She doesn’t open up to just anyone. She only expresses her true thoughts and feelings to the special people that she cares about.

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10. She’s more self-conscious when she’s with you.

She’s comfortable with you but that doesn’t mean she’s not self-conscious. She always wants to make sure she looks her best whenever she’s with you. She wants to be on her best behavior. She’ll do anything to make you more attracted to her because she’s so in love with you.

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